SHOCKER: KNOWiNK Systems Allow Election Staff to Override Election Results

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By Jim Hᴏft, Sep. 13, 2023 12:00 pm, 134 Comments

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BPro/KNOWiNK contracts include a clause that allows the election staff to override the results of an election.

Yesterday, an in-depth history of BPro/KNOWiNK was provided that shows these election systems are uncertified, Internet-connected, cloud-based, foreign-influenced, and used to illegally process election results.

Overnight, a GP reader provided a contract with KNOWiNK in Oregon.  The reader pointed out that the contract includes a clause that mandates that the system “shall allow the County Elections Staff to override results, if necessary”.

The below snapshot is from page 143 of the Oregon contract with KNOWiNK included below:

Below is the entire contract:

Page 1of 148TRANSACTION DOCUMENTNo. 1System Implementation ServicesAs Contemplated Under:INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY MASTER SERVICES AGREEMENT 1650000002791This Transaction Document (consisting of this document and its listed Schedules) is entered pursuant to and is subject to the Information Technology Master Services Agreementreferenced above(the “Agreement”), and is between the State of Oregon, acting through its Office of the Secretary of State (Agency), and KNOWiNK, LLC(“Contractor”).WHEREAS,the Parties entered into the Agreement which contemplates that certain Services to be provided to Agencyby Contractorwill be described in Transaction Documents; WHEREAS, Agencywishes to procure from Contractor the information technology and related services described in this Transaction Document (the “Services”) to design and implement a voter registration system withthe characteristics described in this Transaction Document (the “System”) from Contractorand Contractorwishes to provide such Services and System to Agencyon the terms and conditions set forth in the Agreement and this Transaction Document;NOW, THEREFORE, for valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which is acknowledged, Agencyand Contractoragree as follows:1.Definitions and Construction1.1.Definitions. Unless otherwise defined herein, capitalized terms will have the meaning ascribed to them in the Agreement.In addition, the terms defined in Schedule 1 to this Transaction Document will have the meaning set forth therein.1.2.References to Agreement. The “Agreement” means the Agreement, as it has been or may in the future be amended, modified,supplemented, revised,or restated by the Parties. 1.3.References to Transaction Document. References to “Transaction Document” in this document and its Schedules means this individual Transaction Document only anddoes not mean or refer to any other Transaction Document that has been or may in the future become part of the Agreement.2.Term2.1.Transaction Document Dates. The effective date of this Transaction Document is the date it has been signed by both Agency and Contractor, and approved as required by applicable law(the “Transaction Document Effective Date”). Contractor shall provide Services as specified under this Transaction Document until the earlier of June30, 2026 (the “Transaction Document Expiration Date”) or the termination of this Transaction Document in accordance with the terms of the Agreement. The period from the Transaction Document Effective Date through and including the date of its expiration or termination is the Transaction Document Term.3.Services3.1.Services. The Services to be performed and Deliverables to be provided under this Transaction Document are set forth in Schedule 1, the Statement of Work.DocuSign Envelope ID: 01BC0791-8B8F-4414-87D0-37B541571261

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