Sidney Powell LIVE: Pelosi Terrified, Coomer Deposed, BREAKING: Powell Suit Filed TODAY

Original article. This is an absolute, MUST WATCH. You will get a new perspective on the Coup that continues to destroy our country.
The Untold Election Case that Should Have Stopped the Coup, Why Nancy Pelosi Had to Hurry on January 6



Well despite being lied to and deceived like the rest of us, and even after being thrown directly under the bus and then put on display by the lying media and publicly defamed on a world stage, Sydney Powell is still riding into battle for President Trump and fighting harder now than ever for America. She has a brand new article up on the website The article is titled “The Untold Election Case that Should Have Stopped the Coup: Why Nancy Pelosi Had to Hurry on January 6.”

According to Powell, on the very day of January 6, there was one last-ditch legal effort that might have stopped the certification of disputed electoral slates by the Congress: A legal challenge to the Electoral Count Act, a 130-year-old law that governs the actual electoral college process. This law gives both the House and Senate explicit roles in evaluating electoral slates, even though the 12th Amendment to the Constitution only gives the House a role in choosing the president. The Senate is only involved in choosing a vice president.

So Powell brought a lawsuit to overturn that law, but only filed it the afternoon of January 6, while a bunch of people were trampling through the capitol. That riot might have played to her advantage by delaying the final resolution of the election, but then Nancy Pelosi one-upped her by reconvening Congress and finishing the tally in the middle of the night. The next day, Supreme Court Justice Alito dismissed the case, but according to Powell, it might have been different if the election wasn’t already over.

So that’s Powell’s big article for Defending the Republic, but that’s not all she’s up to. Former Dominion Voting Systems security professional Eric Coomer — yes, his last name is “Coomer” — is suing Powell, Gateway Pundit, and a bunch of other people and places over election fraud claims. And yesterday, Powell got the chance to depose Mr. Coomer for two hours. We’d love to learn more about that if possible, but if not we have no shortage of other things to discuss.

Sydney Powell joined Stew to discuss.

*Correction: Sidney Powell misspoke about the location of the Dominion headquarters and clarified to RVM staff it is in Denver.

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