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Please click the “Continue reading” to read this entire block of information at least the first time you encounter it. Use the Back Button to return after reading the block The Epoch Times is one of the best sources of truth and great reporting. Some of their content is public and other content is Premium. Since I am not able to embed their videos due to technical reasons and especially premium content that would be inappropriate to embed, I am creating this information insert to use in posts referring to such content that I do not embed. I can also add links to important categories of resources within The Epoch Times.

So, this block will probably be followed by one or more links. It may or may not be Premium content. You just have to try it. If you have one of The Epoch Times subscriptions, you will most likely have access to the content linked. Of course, if the content is public, you will also have access.

Over time, I will update this block to contain more information. After reading this block, click your browser’s Back button to access the content following this block.

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