The Maricopa BOS stand against Arizona and prepare to steal 2024. (multipart post)

Original article. Unless you are one of the willfully ignorant Fake News followers, you know what happened in the 2020 election (and even years before). Who knows how many years now the tyrannical MCBOS has actively corrupted our elections, defied government oversight, threatened BOS members of other counties with jail time if they would not certify their corrupt elections, etc. etc. etc. Too much to list here. We The People elected an advocate (3 times now); a champion of “Election Integrity” (i.e. stopping election crimes/fraud and restoring secure, free and fair elections, A BIPARTISAN ISSUE!!!). Her name is Liz Harris. Liz had people from all over the country volunteering to come and speak in an “Election Integrity” hearing to the AZ House and Senate Feb 23, 2023. These people have volumes of information about the crimes/fraud Arizona has experienced and were willing to come to Arizona (I think on their own dime) to inform our elected leaders of the nature and depth of the problems which they MUST overcome. Jacquelin Breger had the most informative presentation of all the presenters. She laid out information about a multi-state crime ring that has not only corrupted our elections, but also elected officials. They continue to commit unspeakable crimes in our state. See: SHOCKING: AZ Senate/House Elections Presenter Claims That Sinaloa Cartel Uses Bribes, Money Laundering, Election Fraud to Control Elected Officials and Traffic Drugs, Humans, Ballots in Arizona (ongoing multipart post, including Attorney Thaler interviews). Instead of being thankful for the heads up, the massive evidence offered, etc. and investigating to begin the process of eliminating this overwhelming power over our elections; the AZ House attacked their member (Liz Harris) who invited Jacquelin Breger to present “Election Integrity” issues that day. BTW, Jacquelin Breger has every right to present her grievances to these people; even though Liz Harris did not know about a lot of what she presented (because of tight last minute planning). To this date NOTHING has been done with this extremely valuable information.

The AZ House used illegally obtained screenshots of Tweets which were incomplete,

With all of this in mind, please watch the following episode to get more details of how this issue is being covered up by our Arizona elected leaders. Join the battle against this corruption.

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WATCH: Maricopa County Election Supervisor CONFRONTED At Zuckerberg Funded Election Meeting

Original article. They went to a Spy Museum to plan how they will steal the 2024 election. How fitting.

I confronted Maricopa County Supervisor Bill Gates on video and asked him why he’s attending a radical Leftist, Zuckerberg-funded election fraud-denying conference.


A group of some of the nation’s most notorious election fraud deniers and election officials, including anti-Trump Secretaries of State, secretly gathered at CEIR’s Soros-Tied and Zuckerberg Funded Election Summit in Washington DC on May 8-May 9, 2023, which they called “Summit on American Democracy”.

After exclusively breaking the story about this summit last month, I flew to Washington DC to confront and question these election officials in person, on camera during their two day election summit. On the first day of this election fortification summit, I ran into Bill Gates, the County Supervisor in Maricopa County, Arizona. This is the same Bill Gates who Kari Lake, the Republican candidate for Governor of Arizona in, 2022, named in her lawsuit along with several other Arizona election officials, in which she is contesting the results of her stolen election.

According to a report about Lake’s election lawsuit:

“Listed as defendants in Lake’s suit are Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer, Maricopa County Director of Elections for Election Services and Early Voting Rey Valenzuela, Maricopa County Director of Elections for Election Day and Emergency Voting Scott Jarrett, members of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Bill Gates, Clint Hickman, Jack Sellers, Thomas Galvin, and Steve Gallardo.”

Complaints listed in the suit include allegations of misprinted ballots that were not readable by voting machines, the mixing of counted and uncounted ballots, long lines at polling locations that discouraged voters from casting ballots, along with other conditions.”

While Gates, who claims that he is a Republican, was walking into the Zuckerberg Funded CEIR Conference in DC at the International Spy Museum, I confronted him on camera about his ongoing litigation with Kari Lake, election irregularities in Maricopa County, Arizona, and if he believes that it is ethical for him to be attending such a partisan, leftist election summit given that there is undeniable evidence that shows this conference is being held by CEIR founder David Becker, who is a radical Leftist political operative with a documented history of being tied to George Soros, and Becker’s organization, CEIR, accepted funds to the tune of $69.5 million from Mark Zuckerberg in 2020 for the sake of influencing the 2020 Presidential election, by his own admission in his book.

WATCH the video by clicking here to see CEIR summit speaker and attendee Bill Gates, the Maricopa County Supervisor, get confronted by me as he’s walking into the closed door conference regarding the 2024 Presidential election.

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