The Proof That 32TB PCAPs and Dennis Montgomery Are Real

Original video. Do you remember this from The Moment of Truth Summit? In it you will see in a declaration from Dr. Navid Keshavarz-Nia that USIC developed the Hammer and Scorecard tools. At the end of that presentation Mike Lindell authorizes to send a memorandum of a motion to intervein in the case where the “state secret protective order” was issued, to lift the protective order. The information released as a result of that action validates everything Mike Lindell has had since beginning The Absolute Series of Documentaries. That information Mike Lindell has put online at The whistleblower tapes alone on that site are MIND BLOWING!! The declarations in the following presentation also refer to the proven vulnerability of Voting Machines (THEY SHOULD BE GONE).

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Here is one page from the above presentation:

MITM means Man In The Middle

From the beginning of that presentation is this video from 2017:

Original video. Note the references to Dennis Montgomery.

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