“The Steal – Volume I: Setting the Stage” Reaches Number One in Multiple Amazon Categories

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By Joe Hoft
Published March 11, 2022 at 10:00 am  83 Comments


“The Steal – Volume I: Setting the Stage” is available now and it’s rated one of the top books on Amazon.

This new book by Joe Hoft, contributor at The Gateway Pundit, is about the activities that led up to the 2020 Election steal.  Below is a description of the book:

The 2020 Election in the United States will go down as one of the most significant events in US history.  The winner would take control over a $22 trillion economy, a $5 trillion government budget, and the leadership of the free world.  The election included the incumbent President Trump, a billionaire, who despite constant harassment and attacks from the Democrats, members of his own party, Big Media, Big Tech, and foreign entities, was very popular among his base, the largest in US history.  His opponent was a failing old man picked by Democrat elites, Joe Biden, President Obama’s Vice President.

After months of preparation and pandering the 2020 Election finally arrived on November 3rd, 2020.  But what led up to the election was just as important as the election itself, or the days after.  President Trump endured daily attacks from his opponents based on their made-up fantasies about Russia colluding with the President himself.  But as the days passed, the President became more and more popular.

However, there were signs before the election that something was in the works.  The Deep State worked diligently to overthrow President Trump and if not, then to steal the 2020 Election.  The China Coronavirus came in early 2020 and as a result, election procedures allowing Americans to vote from home were put into place.  The US Postal Service’s role in the election increased exponentially.

The media and their ally, Big Tech, worked in tandem to frame the upcoming election.  Their narrative was important if the opponents of President Trump and his base were to prevail.  However, the problem was the President was more popular than when he won the prior election despite their constant flood of verbal attacks.  So the Democrats and their allies created entities labeled non-profits, for specific purposes surrounding the election.  The Republicans and President Trump had no counter to these non-profits.

President Trump relied on his base and the American people.  His rallies in 2020 showed that his base had grown in size since the 2016 Election.  All was set for the 2020 Election.  Both sides had their strategies on how to win the election.  This book covers those efforts before the election that led to the most controversial election win in US history.

This week ‘The Steal – Volume I: Setting the Stage” reached number one on Amazon in numerous categories.  

The book was number one and number two in the Elections category on Amazon.  The paperback version was number one and the Kindel version was number 2.

In addition, the book ranked number one in the campaigns and elections best sellers list.

You’ll want to get your copy for your own historic reference.

** You can obtain your copy of the book now at Amazon in either paperback or soft copy format. 

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