Turning point of our country?

Original first video. This is good/accurate analysis of truth to set the stage. Is there anyone in the country who does not know Demos accuse Republicans of exactly what they themselves ARE! They do exactly what they accuse Republicans of doing. It’s called psychological projection. The last video is the most detailed and best analysis of his speech. And, they give the type of thing to watch for going forward.

Since YouTube took down resident Biden’s speech and Tucker Carlson’s analysis of it, I have inserted Senator Kennedy’s analysis until and if I can find another copy of the first two.

It now appears they may have restored the first two. So, I will leave all three until I see what stays.
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Tucker Carlson: Does this make you nervous?

FULL SPEECH: Biden delivers address outside Independence Hall on ‘extremist threat to democracy’

Link. Since he is now against political violence, how soon do you think he will shut down the DC Gulag and recompense the victims of it?

Is this a portion of the speech before translation?


Dr. Andy Woods, Leo Hohmann, and Bill Federer on Biden’s Hateful and Unhinged Speech and Attack on MAGA

By Brannon Howse Live, 02 September, 2022
This interview begins about 12:35.

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