UPenn, Sponsor of Biden’s Think Tank, Profits From Vaccines And Had Staff Shakeup Over Foreign Money Including ‘CHINA’ Money

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Staff Shakeup At UPenn Occurred As Staff Questioned Where The China And Other Foreign Money Was Going

University of Pennsylvania financial documents obtained by NATIONAL FILE show that the UPenn fund that bankrolls Joe Biden’s think tank the Penn Biden Center makes money in “milestone payments” from the sale of Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines and from FDA approvals of the injections. The University of Pennsylvania, which paid Joe Biden prior to his presidential run, was accepting big money from donors apparently to carve out spaces for foreign students at UPenn including from Communist China, and NATIONAL FILE can confirm that internal controversy and a staff shakeup occurred when staff questioned how international funds were being spent. With Joe Biden able to return to the Penn Biden Center after his presidency, Biden puts himself in a position to personally profit from the vaccines he is pushing. Pfizer-BioNTech is trying to get a new authorization for a child booster for 5 to 11 year olds.

Under the watch of UPenn president Amy Gutmann, massive amounts of money have flowed into the university’s funds apparently to import students from around the world including from Communist China and the “People’s Republic of China” with administrator notes including “MAKE SURE STUDENT IS FROM CHINA…” Amy Gutmann, the UPenn president who oversaw the establishment of Joe Biden’s think tank the Penn Biden Center in 2018, is now Biden’s Ambassador to Germany. There were arguments in the UPenn administration about where the Chinese-oriented money and other foreign money was going. Some insiders questioned how funds for international students were being managed without transparency, and the arguments led to a staff overhaul. The controversy stemmed from funds set aside for international students.

UPenn’s China links are numerous, as evidenced by its Center for the Study of Contemporary China and the Penn Wharton China Center. In 2019, UPenn’s foreign donations spiked approximately 389 percent.

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