VIDEO: Abused Senate Staffer Talonya Adams Calls on Arizona Secretary Of State and Gubernatorial Candidate Katie Hobbs “RESIGN from Office – DROP OUT Of The Race For Governor”

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By Jordan Conradson
Published December 9, 2021 at 8:52 pm  246 Comments

Talonya Adams was recently awarded a $2.75 million by a jury after facing racial discrimination from Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs.

Adams, a former Democratic staffer in the Arizona Senate, was fired by Katie Hobbs in 2015. A jury later ruled that Hobbs was guilty of racial and sexual discrimination, costing the state millions in damages.

She made it clear this morning, that Katie Hobbs’ awkward public apology issued on Wednesday, was not enough to repair the damage caused to her and her family. 

On Thursday, Adams held an independent press conference to respond to Hobbs’ weak public apology.

She held her own press conference outside of the same courthouse where she represented herself against the Arizona Senate, and won.

Hobbs was the Democratic frontrunner for Governor of Arizona before this court ruling but things are starting to look different for her.

The Gateway Pundit reported on Hobbs’ forced apology to Adams after Adams was awarded $2.75 million in damages and Adams’ planned press release in response.

In Hobbs’ official printed response, she couldn’t even bother to write the correct name.

12 News’ Joe Dana said that this response “could help or hurt Hobbs” chances at the Democratic nomination for Governor, before the presser. 

When Conradson told Adams what a great press conference she held at the end, Dana said “what the f*ck” out loud.

Liberal media outlets did their best to discredit Adams and lay cover for Katie Hobbs with their questions.

The Gateway Pundit correspondent Jordan Conradson was on the scene to capture Talonya’s story and her call for action.

Adams: I have taken the day off work, to be here unpaid, to address and respond to the statements that have been made by Kathleen “Katie” Hobbs, our sitting Secretary of State and Gubernatorial Candidate. As many of you may know, I was fired from the Arizona State Senate around February 20th, 2015. During that time, I worked as a policy advisor for the Democratic Caucus, I had a minority Democratic leader. That individual was Katie Hobbs. The week of February 12th, 2015, I went to Seattle, Washington, to be with my son who had been hospitalized. I had departed based upon approved emergency medical leave from Katie Hobbs’ Chief of Staff. Prior to my departure, I sent an email to then-Senator Hobbs, the minority leader, advising her of my family emergency. She was aware my son was sick. She was aware that I was traveling to the state of Washington, where he resided to be with him. And five business days later, I was fired over the phone based in part on a decision made by Wendy Baldo, who then communicated the termination to me over the telephone the morning of February 20th, 2015, but due entirely to a decision made by Katie Hobbs. She was the Senate minority leader. The role she played in my termination was critical. She was the deciding factor. It was because of Katie Hobbs that I was terminated from the Arizona Senate. It was here that I came to seek justice. It was here that a jury of eight individuals, nearly all white Arizonans, registered voters, watched a trial in July of 2019, listened to the facts including Senator Katie Hobbs testifying that I was “very competent” in my role as a Democratic policy advisor. And it was here in July of 2019 that, that jury unanimously found Katie Hobbs a key decision maker in the Adams versus Arizona Senate trial, that discriminated against me based upon my race and based upon my sex, and then retaliated against me when I sought a raise.

From February 15th until today, I have not spoken to Katie Hobbs. I have had no conversation with her. From February 15th until today, Katie Hobbs has worked dilligently to testify against me, to use her power, a woman one heart beat away from being the Governor of our state, right now today to use her power against me in the light of day, on the taxpayer dime. To destroy my reputation, to further sully my career, to cause demise in my life where she has already very effectively disrupted.

Adams cried as she detailed her discriminatory firing and the insults by Hobbs as well as the effects that the loss of a job has on Americans.

After delivering her official response to Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, Conradson was able to ask a few questions.

Conradson: Do you call for Secretary of State Katie Hobbs to resign from office?

Adams: Thank you for your question. Yes, I do. I do call for Secretary of State Katie Hobbs to resign from office.

Conradson: Do you also call on her to drop out of the race for Governor?

Adams: Yes, I do. I call for Katie Hobbs, current Secretary of State to drop out of the race for Governor.

Conradson: As you mentioned, she is currently at the head of the helm for elections here in Arizona. Do you think she can be trusted in 2022 with black votes?

Adams: I don’t think she can. And I would urge African Americans not to vote for Katie Hobbs to the extent that the Democratic Party wants to roll the dice and take this risk and advance her as the Democratic nominee,

Talonya also responded to another reporter’s question, as to whether or not Hobbs is a racist, saying,

Adams: My grandmother has told me so many times, “Why don’t you tell the people, Katie Hobbs is a racist?” and she’s watching right now, and I will tell you, is Katie, a racist as defined in the Oxford Dictionary? And I’m going to quote it here so we’re very clear. As, prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race, based on the belief that one’s own race is superior. Yes, She is. Is she worthy of sitting in any role of government? No, she is not. Katie Hobbs has stated, her response to the jury was short-sighted. It was undemocratic! The Secretary of State, you sit at the helm governing. Our sacred right to vote is the bedrock of our Democracy, and yet you will not allow this democratic process when it yields a result adverse to your own personal interests. She has no place in leadership. She has no place in government.

Talonya even called Katie Hobbs out for not even bothering to visit the Arizona audit, less than two miles away, while screeching about the audit on mainstream media networks and using her office to boost her gubernatorial campaign.

After the botched and stolen 2020 election, Katie Hobbs can never be trusted to run an election or to be Governor of Arizona.

Katie Hobbs must resign and drop out immediately.

“She has no place in government”.

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