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Will our country ever have secure, transparent, accurate elections again??? Only when we get rid of Voting Machines and unnecessary Mail-In Ballots, establish accurate and reliable Voter Roles (a totally new approach required) and go back to Election Day (only one, not a season).

VIDEO SHOWS Two MI GOP Electors Explaining Why They Cast A “Back Up Slate” of Electoral Votes in 2020 Election—Blows Up Fake Case by Activist Dem AG Dana Nessel Against Them

Original article. LIES. That is all they have. How desperate!!!

By Patty McMurray, Jul. 19, 2023 8:00 am, 369 Comments

The 2020 election results in Michigan were some of the most hotly contested in the United States. The Gateway Pundit shared multiple videos showing surveillance footage that shocked Michigan residents and people across the United States, who believed they were likely watching mass-organized voter fraud take place on camera.

Curiously, MI AG Dana Nessel and Michigan’s Soros-funded SOS Jocelyn Benson didn’t feel compelled to investigate any of the videos that went viral after the Gateway Pundit made them public.

MI SOS Jocelyn Benson (D)) MI AG Dana Nessel (D)

Instead of investigating what looks an awful lot like voter fraud at drop boxes across Detroit, the vindictive AG, who won her first election when legalized marijuana was on the ballot and her re-election when abortion was on the ballot, was, instead, laser-focused on taking down two of President Trump’s most effective advocates in the state of Michigan, the former MI GOP co-chair Meshawn Maddock and grassroots leader and MI GOP Grassroots Vice Chair Marian Sheridan. Both women are fearless and outspoken patriots and, along with their MCC (Michigan Conservative Coalition) group, were largely responsible for Trump’s Michigan victory in 2020.

Meshawn Maddock and Marian Sheridan

After AG Nessel, whose case against the MI electors she sent to fellow radical AG Garland to investigate, apparently fell flat, she was left with no option but to start her own witch hunt. Her goal, of course, is to cause the MI GOP electors and vocal Trump supporters as much public pain as possible. Democrats in positions of power (many of whom were funded by George Soros) are now using lawfare against their political enemies to humiliate and financially devastate them. Their plot is accomplished by filing bogus or manufactured claims against them, and then they sit back and watch while the government pays their legal fees. At the same time, citizens like Marian, Meshawn, and 14 other electors are forced to pay massive legal fees from their own personal savings or retirement funds to defend themselves in court. It’s a page straight out of the playbook we’re watching unfold with President Trump and his closest allies.

GIVE SEND GO account has been set up to help Meshawn Maddock and Marian Sheridan with their legal fees. You can donate by clicking HERE to help these two moms and grandmothers whose lives and life savings are about to be upended for the crime of trying to ensure that the sanctity of the vote in Michigan was protected in the 2020 election.

You can also donate to their legal defense fund by scanning the code below.

To show you what kind of a monster Dana Nessel is, every one of the 16 electors is a senior citizen (except Meshawn).

Here are photos of 10 of the 16 electors who are victims of AG Nessel’s witch hunt:

The Gateway Pundit video shown below reveals the hypocrisy of AG Dana Nessel, who’s determined to take down the entire group of 16 GOP electors. Part of the video was taken at a press conference before the certification of the 2020 election. It showed MI GOP electors Marian Sheridan and Meshawn Maddock explaining in detail why they wanted to cast alternate electoral votes for President Trump. They were clearly not hiding what they were doing and were surrounded by lawyers and MI State lawmakers.

A dingbat CNN news correspondent joined the chorus of media hacks to help boost AG Nessel’s ridiculous case, who told Jack Tapper that the MI GOP electors  “stormed” the capitol. In the video below, the electors can actually be seen attempting to gain access to the MI Capitol building with MI GOP lawmakers and attorneys as they very respectfully discuss their desire to present their alternate set of electoral votes to the State Police officer working the door, at the behest of Michigan’s lockdown queen, Governor Gretchen Whitmer. The CNN “reporter” falsely states that Meshawn Maddock is the MI GOP co-chair. This is not true; Mrs. Maddock, who is married to Michigan’s most conservative lawmaker, Rep. Matt Maddock (R), is the former MI GOP co-chair. She is now the current President of MCC.

Here’s the video showing pretty much everything the CNN “reporter” said to bolster Democrat AG Dana Nessel’s case is either an outright lie or mostly false.

Please pray for these electors. The Democrats in leadership roles in Michigan will stop at nothing to punish their political opponents.

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Georgia’s Brad Raffensperger Knowingly Ran Vulnerable Voting Machines During His 2022 Reelection – Hid Damning Report from the Public and Won’t Secure the Machines for 2024

Original article. Georgia’s Election Corruption organization seems to be coming apart.

By Jim Hoft, Jun. 17, 2023 8:45 am, 214 Comments

As The Gateway Pundit reported earlier this week –  on Wednesday, the Federal District Court for the Northern District of Georgia unsealed the 96-page Halderman Report – the Security Analysis of Georgia’s ImageCast X Ballot Marking Devices.

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger had been hiding this report from the public for two years.

University of Michigan Professor of Computer Science and Engineering J. Halderman and Security Researcher and Assistant Professor at Auburn University Drew Sringall collaborated on the report where they discovered many exploitable vulnerabilities in the Dominion Voting Systems’ ImageCast X system.

Far-left Georgia Judge Amy Totenberg sealed and covered up the results of the investigation of Dominion voting machines in Georgia and sat on the report for two years until its release this week.

The report confirms that votes can be altered in the Dominion voting machines.  In fact, the report reveals that the Dominion software is vulnerable and can be hacked.

On Thursday VoterGA founder Garland Favorito joined Steve Bannon on The War Room to discuss the findings from the explosive report.

Trump-hating Secretary of State Raffensperger hid this information from the public until now.  Why is that?

Here is a copy of the Halderman Report released this week.

Halderman Report on Georgi… by Jim Hoft

Professor Halderman wrote about his findings in a blog post on Wednesday.

Back in September 2020, the Court granted the Curling Plaintiffs access to one of Georgia’s touchscreen ballot marking devices (BMDs) so that they could assess its security. Drew and I extensively tested the machine, and we discovered vulnerabilities in nearly every part of the system that is exposed to potential attackers. The most critical problem we found is an arbitrary-code-execution vulnerability that can be exploited to spread malware from a county’s central election management system (EMS) to every BMD in the jurisdiction. This makes it possible to attack the BMDs at scale, over a wide area, without needing physical access to any of them.

Our report explains how attackers could exploit the flaws we found to change votes or potentially even affect election outcomes in Georgia, including how they could defeat the technical and procedural protections the state has in place. While we are not aware of any evidence that the vulnerabilities have been exploited to change votes in past elections, without more precautions and mitigations, there is a serious risk that they will be exploited in the future.

On Thursday Professor Halderman tweeted out that Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger will not install Dominion’s security patches before the 2024 election.

This was taken from a recent Raffensperger statement.

Raffensperger, a vocal Never-Trumper, has been aware of the investigators’ findings for two years!

That means Raffensperger, as Georgia’s Secretary of State, ran the vulnerable machines during his reelection in 2022!

What is up with Brad Raffensperger?

Our friend DC Draino reposted our Georgia elections report on Twitter on Friday with a warning to Georgians – YOU NEED TO FIX THIS!

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Actually, the machines need to be tossed.

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Georgia’s Secretary of State Raffensperger Says Voting Machines in State are Fine Despite Independent Investigation Reporting Material Vulnerabilities

Original article. Yeah, for those who want to subvert the will of the voters and select a different candidate Voting Machines have proven to be very effective. That is why THEY MUST GO!!!

By Joe Hoft, Jun. 26, 2023 7:30 pm, 245 Comments

This article originally appeared on and was republished with permission.

Georgia’s Secretary of State will not remove machines in the 2024 election that have been found to be so insecure that they can be hacked and elections changed by bad actors.

A week ago, the Halderman report was finally released in Georgia after the corrupt Obama judge Amy Totenberg allowed it finally to be released.  The report laid out numerous facts about the Dominion Voting machines used in the 2020 Election in the state.

But after seeing the report, Raffensperger claims that it wasn’t that the report wasn’t bad and that the machines will be used again in the upcoming election in 2024.

“Georgia’s election system is secure. It’s been battle-tested through two general elections, subjected to repeated audits and intense public scrutiny, and come through with flying colors. Georgia’s election officials are proceeding judiciously and responsibly to ensure that our elections are secure, accurate and accessible to the voters. Every single piece of voting equipment across Georgia will undergo security health checks ahead of the 2024 presidential elections, including verification no software has been tampered with.”

Read the entire report at

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