WATCH: Mother Who Lost Two Children To Fentanyl Poisoning Blisters The Federal Government For Coddling Illegal Aliens In Heartbreaking Testimony To Congress

Original article. The Biden’s Open Border Regime attack on families in violation of his sworn oath of office. How many deaths are we going to allow them?
By Cullen Linebarger, Mar. 1, 2023 1:45 pm, 692 Comments

A mother of two sons killed by fentanyl scorched the federal government for pampering illegal aliens during a House Homeland Security Committee hearing on Tuesday.

As Breitbart reported, Rebecca Kiessling, the mother, opened the hearing telling the infuriating story of how her sons Caleb, 20 and Kyler, 18 died from fentanyl poisoning along with a 17-year-old girl named Sophia Harris back in July 2020.

The drug dealer was saved by Narcan. He received a soft 8-15 years jail sentence despite being responsible for three deaths.

Kiessling then turned her attention to the federal government’s abject dereliction of duty along the border with fentanyl pouring into American cities. She further pointed out for all the concern Democrats show toward illegal alien children, nothing is being done the help the families whose sons and daughters die every day from fentanyl poisoning.


Here are her heartbreaking remarks:

If we had Chinese troops lining up along our southern border with weapons aimed at our people, with weapons of mass destruction aimed at our cities, you damned well know you would do something about it. We have a weather balloon from China going across the country.

Nobody died and everybody’s freaking out about it.

But 100,000 die (Americans) die every year, and nothing’s being done. Not enough is being done. Numbers are going up, not down. And you talk about (illegal alien) children being taken away from their parents. My children were taken away from me!

100,000 Americans a year, 200,000 because it’s both parents, right, are having their children taken away from them.

This should not be politicized. It’s not about race. Fentanyl doesn’t care about race. You talk about welcoming those crossing our border “seeking protection.” You’re welcoming drug dealers across our border. You’re giving them protection. You’re not protecting our children. I’ve been in support groups on Facebook with there’s 1000s of parents who have lost their children. Everyday faces are added.

It’s dehumanizing, it’s demoralizing.

Hundreds of thousands more mothers and fathers have suffered the same heartbreak Kiessling continues to experience after Joe Biden assumed power back in 2021. This is thanks to his lawless border policies which have led to three million illegal aliens and record amounts of fentanyl crossing the U.S.-Mexico border.

America desperately needs Biden out of office and to return to the border policies under President Trump. This is the only way to bring the fentanyl crisis to an end and spare American families further heartache.

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