WATCH: Trump-Endorsed AZ Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake Headlines #WalkAway Campaign PAC Inaugural Event In Scottsdale: “Be Poll Watchers, Be Poll Workers, And Watch These Bastards Like a Hawk!”

Original article.  Kari Lake is the only candidate that is all in for Arizona.
By Jordan Conradson
Published June 13, 2022 at 10:20 pm  145 Comments


The #WalkAway Campaign PAC (WACPAC) held its official inaugural event in Scottsdale, Arizona, hosted by Walk Away founder Brandon Straka and Trump-endorsed Arizona Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake.

“This is the very first-ever Walk Away Campaign PAC event,” said Straka, celebrating his team’s success in pulling it off. What an incredible night with incredible patriots.

WACPAC is dedicated to empowering everybody to advocate online for good policy and America First candidates and to make informed decisions at the polls. Straka is building an army to stop the Radical Left’s destruction of America. Volunteer and donate to Walk Away PAC HERE!

After waking up to the lies of the Democratic Party, devoted liberal Brandon Straka Walked Away and founded one of the most influential organizations for converting left-wingers to America First Patriots with his #WalkAway Campaign.

Straka’s movement caused the largest and most impactful exodus from the Democratic Party in American history, with hundreds of thousands walking away to embrace President Trump’s America First policies. “Walk Away is one of the most important pieces on the chess board that is going to save our County going forward,” Straka told hundreds of Patriots in Scottsdale.

Following the January 6 protests, federal agents arrested Brandon Straka on junk felony and misdemeanor charges because Brandon demonstrated he is an extremely effective and fearless grassroots organizer. A former liberal Democrat is now dedicating his life to exposing the Radical Left, and they are terrified!

The Gateway Pundit reported extensively on Straka’s outstanding organization and his political persecution by our corrupt and politicized federal government.

Brandon Straka did not enter the Capitol, he did not commit, encourage, or plan any violence, and he is not a terrorist. However, the Joe Biden/Obama Regime has put him on a terror watchlist and revoked numerous rights. 

Kari Lake also walked away from the corrupt corporate leftist media and her professional news anchor career because she couldn’t lie to the people of Arizona about the rigged 2020 Presidential election. The RINO Republicans and Democrats who stole and then lied about Arizona’s fraudulent 2020 election are desperately trying to take her down.

Kari Lake actually voted for President Trump in both elections, unlike some “Republicans.”

Lake is now running for Governor because The great Patriots of Arizona asked her to after she publicly departed from the Fake News Industry. She is the Trump-Endorsed Republican frontrunner in the 2022 Arizona Governor’s race.

Arizona GOP Chairwoman Dr. Kelli Ward delivered a fiery speech at the event and even introduced Kari, saying, “WHEN she is Governor, she is going to give Ron Desantis a run for his money as the most Conservative Governor in this United States of America!”

“We’ve got a COUNTRY to SAVE!” @kelliwardaz

— RSBN 🇺🇸 (@RSBNetwork) June 12, 2022

Lake joined Brandon Straka on the stage after Kelli Ward for a live audience interview about her Walk Away and America First credentials, including the U.S.-Mexico Border Disaster, COVID Tyranny, and the corrupted 2020 Presidential Election.

Kari told the crowd, “My only special interest group is the people of Arizona. And that’s why they’re afraid of me because they don’t control me. Obviously, I can’t be bought. I walked away from my big paycheck. So, they can’t buy me, they can’t control me, and I’m an America First Trump-Republican, and that scares the Hell out of them.”

To finish off the night, Brandon Straka asked Kari to explain her stance on the top five issues, voted on by thousands of Patriots: An America First agenda, border security, big tech censorship, upholding and defending the Constitution, and election integrity.

Lake explained her America First agenda of putting President Trump’s policies to work in Arizona, bringing back manufacturing from China, finishing President Trump’s wall, outlawing draconian COVID-19 lockdowns and mandates, big tech censorship, and much more.

You can see Kari Lake’s policies on every important issue for Arizonans at her website,

Lake responded to questions on Arizona’s Southern border and Arizona’s stolen 2020 Presidential election with grace and courage, calling out the phony Joe Biden Regime for what it is: A fraudulent backer of the Mexican Drug Cartels.

Straka: On day one of his occupancy of the Oval Office, Joe Biden reversed Donald Trump’s border policies. How did this affect Arizonans? And what is your plan to protect Arizona’s border?

Lake: Well, I have to tell you, everyone in this room probably knows that I think almost everyone’s from Arizona. We had a policy. I’ve been covering Arizona for 27 years and all the issues as a journalist. Our border was never more secure than under President Trump. And he had to fight tooth and nail to get that border wall construction going in to fight rhinos and Democrats. But he got to go in, and we had security. He had a great policy. On day one, Joe Biden pulled that back. And because of that, we have cartels with operational control of our border. The biggest human smuggling, drug trafficking, and child trafficking operation is underway here in Arizona, and our government is partnering with the cartels. Yes, I said that. Our government, our federal government, the illegitimate Joe Biden regime is partnering with the cartels. I know that sounds strong to say that, but it’s true. It’s true because they could shut this down today. They could go back to President Trump’s policies. They could even rename it “Joe Biden policy.” But shut it down because We The People of Arizona are struggling. Our crime is soaring. We’ve got 1000s of people coming across the border that have murdered, that are former murderers, they’ve got a murder rap, they’ve got DUI, assault, all kinds of different criminal backgrounds coming across our border.

Straka: And last but certainly not least, election integrity. How are you going to protect Arizona’s elections, and how can we restore the American voters’ faith in our elections?

Crowd: HB2289!

Lake: I agree that’s a good bill. I don’t know if it’s going to happen, but that’s our most important that’s to be number one on the list, Brandon. Anybody agree that our stolen election is the reason for all of the trouble we have? Number One.

Straka: It is the number one on the list. I wanted it to be the last thing of the night tonight, but it is number one on the list.

Lake: Good, I’m glad to know that. Well, some people don’t realize that they go, “I want that on there.” Of course, the border. I mean, it’s like we’ve got wounds, and we’re bleeding. We’ve got to stop the bleeding. But the thing that caused the wounds and the bleeding is a stolen election. And let me tell you, none of these people I’m running against on the Republican ticket even wanted to touch that. It’s the third rail, and I even had people in politics say, “don’t mention the 2020 election.” I said, “Are you kidding me?” I went out, I touched that rail, and I have not stopped talking about it because that’s the reason we have the problems we have.

Lake: So this is why I’m starting to endorse certain candidates. We’ve got a few RINOS that are running in our legislature, our Arizona State Legislature, who are getting in the way of all this meaningful legislation that we’re hearing some of these people shout out. We haven’t been able to get it solved this legislative session because we have RINOS down there. We don’t have a big enough majority to get anything done. I believe we’re going to have a huge majority, and priority number one is going to be pass meaningful legislation. We have election day, not election month, paper ballots, ID. We count legal votes, no mail-in ballots, and we need to get rid of these electronic voting machines that can be manipulated. Let me just say one thing; I’m involved right now in a federal court case to try to get rid of those machines, Mark Finchem and I.

Lake: Just in the Georgia primary that happened, the numbers looked a little bit funny, didn’t they over there? Well, it turns out that when they did the hand count of a couple of counties, the person on the machine count who was number one, in the hand count moved to number three. The person who was in third place with the machine count, in the hand count moved to number one. We can’t allow these machines that are owned by private companies count our vote. They count 100% of our vote right now in Arizona. That’s one of them. There’s three of them. And we need to get rid of them. We need to go back to the old way we did things. Small precinct voting, where you can detect fraud. And each and every one of us needs to volunteer on election day. Be poll watchers, be poll workers, and watch these bastards like a hawk!

Lake: Because if we don’t have a secure border, and we don’t have honest elections, all we want is honest. I don’t want any favors my way. I’m sure the Democrats want favors their way. I don’t want favors my way. I want fairness. And so we got to have fair elections and a secure border, or we don’t have a country. And we’re right there, right there where we don’t.

Kari Lake truly is the only candidate for Governor who is using her platform to expose the truth about the 2020 Presidential Election to ensure it never happens again. The other candidates have no backbone.

The Gateway Pundit recently reported that Trump-endorsed Kari Lake and Trump-endorsed candidate for Arizona Secretary of State Mark Finchem filed a motion for preliminary injunction in a federal court to ban the use of “black box” voting machines in Arizona.

Kari Lake will Save Arizona with her plan to secure the U.S. border and election integrity.

“Lake will go down as the GREATEST governor in our Country’s history,” says President Trump.

RSBN live-streamed the entire event, available here.

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