We JUST NOW won elections in MARICOPA (3-part post)

Original article. A very important step toward Eliminating Election Crimes/Fraud. Republicans against Election Integrity MUST BE defeated or we lose our country.

Neil Johnson

Kari Lake just racked up some more wins with her endorsed slate of candidates in Maricopa County. Liz Harris was another key element in this big win.

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Kari Lake: Our Kids Will Grow Up Under Communism If We Don’t Fix Our Elections

Original article. EXACTLY correct. After over two years since the stolen 2020 Elections, the 2020 Mid-Terms were even worse. Either we eliminate Election Crimes/Fraud or we lose our country. Which one do you prefer?

Bannons War Room

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Craig Berland Shelby Busch Lawrence Hudson – 2023 Candidates for Maricopa County GOP Team Truth

Original video. Here is the full slate.


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