WEF Launches ‘Metaverse’ Initiative, Predicts Digital Lives Will Become ‘More Meaningful to Us Than Our Physical Lives’

Original article.  Folks, this is the depth of evil behind Globalism.  When you understand their ultimate goal, when you know the truth about what is in the “vaccines” (experimental gene therapy; to be kind), this evil picture becomes clearer.  Here are several resources (among many) for more information:

  1. The Bodies of Others: The New Authoritarians, Covid-19 and the War Against the Human, by Dr. Naomi Wolf – May 31, 2022 (who’s team combed through 35,000 pages of court released documentation that Pfizer wanted to hide for 75 years).
  2. Technocracy.news
  3. Karen Kingston (currently 87 videos) on FrankSpeech.com (brace yourself)