Who Was Right? Reuters Or OANN’s Christina Bobb? – Fulton County Ballot Images Are MISSING

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By Jordan Conradson
Published June 2, 2022 at 8:35 pm  233 Comments


RINO GA Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger

The Gateway Pundit previously reported on the incompetency, election law violations, and outright voter fraud committed on November 3rd. VoterGA discovered all or large parts of 2,000,000 original ballot images from 70+ Georgia counties missing.

Last year, Fake News Reuters “fact-checkers” wrote a weak rebuttal to OANN’s Christina Bobb’s tweet about missing ballot images in Fulton County, providing no evidence that she is wrong but simply siding with elections officials.

However, public records requests provide confirmation from the County that these records are missing.

With permission to republish by CannConn, they reported,

In today’s episode of fact checking the “fact checker”, we are going to take a look at the November 12th, 2021 Reuters fact check titled “Fact Check-No evidence that 17,690 ballot images from the 2020 Presidential election are missing in Fulton County, Georgia” in which Reuters took aim at OANN’s Christina Bobb, a fellow Marine Corps veteran (Semper Fidelis!).

From Reuters-

More than a year after U.S. President Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential election, social media users are falsely claiming that election fraud took place. This time, users claim that 17,690 ballot images are missing in Fulton County, Georgia and that the results cannot be verified without it.

One America News Network journalist Christina Bobb said in a tweet (here) on Nov. 9, 2021: “ALL in person ballot images in GA are missing. 17,690 mail in ballot images are missing. This is FRAUD. So, GA has no way to verify that the ballots are legitimate reflections of what went through the machines.”

Gabriel Sterling, chief operating officer for Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, responded to the tweet (here) by saying: “Nothing other than the first count, the hand re-tally, and then the recount. This is a lie…and a truly dumb one at that. They have all of the actual ballots that have been counted 3 times.”

The office of Georgia Secretary of State sent the following statement by Raffensperger to Reuters via email: “Georgia votes with paper ballots, and all of the actual paper ballots from November’s election were counted three times, including a 100 percent hand recount in which teams of poll workers touched and saw every vote cast. There is zero doubt that three counts of the ballots resulted in conclusive results on who won the election in Georgia. Wishful thinking by conspiracy theorists cannot change the outcome, no matter what immaterial technicality they claim to have identified this week.”

The last statement from Brad Raffensperger’s office is a bit odd and out of place. It seems awfully defensive. No one in this about to be debunked “fact” check is specifically calling into question the results of the election or recounts. They are, however, calling into question the existence of election records that would validate the three separate counts mentioned above, which are to be preserved for 22 months under 52 USC 20701.

The COO for the GA Sec State’s office, whom was privately contracted during most of the 2020 election cycle and therefore not subject to Open Records Requests, stated that “This is a lie…and a truly dumb one at that.”

Careful Gabriel: this Marine Corps JAG officer has her L.L.M from Georgetown University. And she’s right. By Fulton County’s own admission.

Even with the misinformation that was constantly being peddled out to us by not only the mainstream media, but also by certain election officials in Georgia, and around the country quite frankly, Patriots kept their heads down and continued searching. Many of these records in question have been confirmed as missing through Open Records Request by investigators working closely on shoring up Georgia’s elections.

While we have these ORR responses previously that found little to no records of the ballot images from the original count, it still could have been something that was missed by a clerk searching the records. We now, however, have a court document in which the Fulton Co Board of Registration and Elections have admitted they “did not preserve until the present time the majority of ballot images from in-person voting for the November 3, 2020 election original machine count.”

So despite Gabriel Sterling and Reuters’ false claims that Christina Bobb was wrong, we now know from court documents that ballot images from the original scan were not preserved.

So why is it significant that the original images are missing and the images that are on file are from the second machine count (3rd overall recount)? Well, it all has to do with the J Alex Halderman report, the allusions from the AP article where Halderman claims “attackers could then mark ballots inconsistent[ly] with voters’ intent, alter recorded votes or even identify voters’ secret ballots.”

But that will be an entirely separate article.

More to come…

These crooks will stop at nothing to Stop President Trump and cover up the stolen 2020 Election.

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