Why Didn’t the Americans Unite to Save America?

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Karen Kingston, Oct 4.

At some point in our lives, many of us have contemplated if there was anything the Holocaust victims could have done to save themselves. It is a heart-wrenching exercise to wonder if they could have stopped the police from taking them away to Nazi war camps. I’ve reflected wondering, “If they knew they were being taken as prisoners of war, instead of believing they were going to quarantine or work camps, could they have been saved? Or could they have been able to connect with the local police and work with them as a community, before the SS recruited them, and stopped having to be forcibly sent to the prisons?”

While we all have deep empathy and sadness for the Holocaust victims, none of us have answers. We can empathize with the historical fact that Holocaust victims were subject to most evil propaganda and psychological warfare of the 20th Century. The sign over Auschwitz’s read, “Arbeit macht frei.” WORK SETS YOU FREE.

The Holocaust victims were told that war prisons were ‘work or quarantine camps’, gas chambers were ‘showers’, torture was ‘medical care’, and that ‘work sets you free.’ Holocaust victims were not told that they were prisoners of war captured by their own government. They were told if they followed orders, eventually things would return to normal.

Many patriotic Americans seem to think we simply have a rogue administration with an open border, stolen election, destructive economic policies, labeling of those who speak against the narrative as ‘domestic terrorists,’ and unconstitutional emergency injections, tests, laws, and mandates. If we were at war, the US government would be guilty of engaging in non-kinetic warfare against their own citizens.

Per James Giordano, a military expert on neuroweapons and psychological warfare, ‘non-kinetic warfare tactics and weapons can injure, defeat, and destroy an enemy’ without use of military manpower or traditional weaponry.

Success of non-kinetic warfare is often contingent on consistent reverberating propaganda combined with blocking access to alternative viewpoints and information, while publicly ridiculing those who express an alternative viewpoint, or worse, labeling them as domestic terrorists by the FBI.

If we are at war, the following are select examples of non-kinetic warfare attacks that were a critical part of the mass-coordinated attacks against America used to intentionally injure our nation and citizens under the guise of emergency laws, public safety, and national security.

Attack 1: Coordinate with foreign adversaries to manufacture and stockpile PCR-tests for purposes of gathering genetic profiles of Americans to be uploaded to a global database.

In January of 2020, most Americans were naïve about the novel, zoonotic coronavirus originating in Wuhan, China. However, on Jan 31,2020, Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS), Alex Azar, declared that the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV, now COVID-19) was a Public Health Emergency under the PREP Act based on confirmed cases.

Here’s the challenge, in January of 2020 there was no test for the 2019 novel coronavirus to confirm casesThe PCR-test had not yet been developed or authorized for SARS-CoV-2. The virus had not even been named yet. Americans were lied to.

Per the PREP Act, on Jan 31, 2020, manufacturers around the globe, including China, could begin mass-producing the PCR-tests and import them into the United States without the tests being subject to any US good manufacturing inspections or quality controls. If the tests contained toxic substances or military-grade neurotechnology (under EUA law) American citizens did not have the right to know. Furthermore, per the NIH, the genetic information of Americans was uploaded to an open-source global database. This means that Chinese military had access to the database of American’s genetic profiles, as well as any other adversaries of the United States.

Attack 2: Begin the global production of bioweapons under the guise of ‘COVID-19 medical countermeasures’, while guaranteeing blanket immunity for the manufacturers from the government.

On February 4, 2020, HHS Secretary Alex Azar declared that that the novel coronavirus was a Threat to National Security, enabling the development, manufacturing and release of emergency use authorized (EUA) medical countermeasures (COVID-19 ‘vaccines’). On this day, manufacturers such as Pfizer, Fosun Pharma (China), Sinopeg (China), Moderna, et al., could begin global manufacturing of the COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ in anticipation of an emergency use authorization (EUA), without undergoing minimal animal and human trials to prove safety or efficacy, and without having to adhere to any good manufacturing practice standards.

Attack 3: Legalize the assault, battery, and murder of Americans by healthcare providers who use EUA medical countermeasures and then financially incentivize and praise them for doing so.

With this HHS declaration, if healthcare providers are following HHS guidelines, they can knowingly commit battery and murder of adults and children through the administration of an EUA medical countermeasure (i.e. EUA COVID-19 vaccines, Remdesivir, ventilators, PCR-tests, etc.) with complete immunity from civil and criminal charges.

  • Willful misconduct cannot be found againstA program planner or qualified person who acts in accordance with applicable directions, guidelines, or recommendations issued by the HHS regarding administration and use of a countermeasure as long as HHS or the  State or local health authority is notified about the serious injury or death within seven days of its discovery.”

Willful misconduct, including murder, is legal under EUA law as long as healthcare providers are following HHS orders. Author of Ordinary Men, Christopher Brown wrote, Ultimately, the Holocaust took place because at the most basic level individual human beings killed other human beings in large numbers over an extended period-of- time. The grass-roots perpetrators became professional killers.

Attack 4: Gaslight, terrorize, and guilt the American people into house arrest resulting in the destruction of the economy.

On March 31st, 2020, during the White House briefing, doctors Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx presented two bell-shaped epidemic curves estimating that COVID-19 would cause 1.5 to 2.2 million deaths, but Americans could ‘flatten the curve,’ to 140,000 – 200,000 deaths by taking immediate interventions through a nationwide lockdown.

Here’s the major issue though, five (5) days prior to this press conference, Dr. Fauci published his professional expert opinion that the “clinical consequences of COVID-19 are more similar to the seasonal flu (with a case fatality of rate 0.1%) rather than the deadly SARS or MERS viruses (with case fatality rates of 9% -36%),” in the New England Journal of Medicine.

On March 26, 2020, Fauci announced to his colleagues in China and the global scientific community that COVID-19 was basically the same as the flu. Then 5 days later he told the American people it was a ‘highly deadly’ pandemic and if we didn’t lock ourselves in our homes, millions would die. We were gaslit.

Some of the critical ‘life-saving’ rules of the lockdown included; all citizens remain in their homes (including healthy adults and school-aged children – with the exception of ‘essential workers’), small businesses close down, beaches and parks shut down, and churches close. If an American had to leave their home to get essential items or healthcare services, social distancing was strictly enforced and gatherings with family and friends from other households was forbidden.  

If we are at war, one may contemplate that if America had been invaded by an enemy

on March 31, 2020, that the enemy would use military force to enforce similar lockdown rules until they were; able to build prison camps; import weapons; and install the necessary technology infrastructure on US soil that would be needed to enslave, injure, and execute civilians.

On March 31, 2020, our nation was severely harmed by our enemies. Civilians were put under house arrest and we had our unalienable God-given rights stripped from us while our businesses, communities, and children’s futures were being destroyed.

The propaganda, threats of police enforcement, and threats of criminal or civil prosecution for civilians who do not obey the new rules of warfare, are extremely effective in gaslighting and coercing Americans into being prisoners of their own government, dividing the nation, and destroying our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

As of today, the attack on Americans using COVID-19 tactics and weapons of warfare appears to have eased up, but the enemy has not retreated. The injections, tests, and pills are abundantly available throughout our communities. All of which can only cause disease, disabilities, and death. All COVID-19 products can be removed from our communities if state governors declare that COVID-19 is no longer a threat to public safety in their state. No one has done this. Why not?

Enemies of America and humanity are using financial incentives and persuasive neurolinguistic messaging to gain the cooperation of our government officials, public leaders, corporate America, healthcare industry, Big Tech, educational system, mainstream media, schools, and churches to continue this malfeasant, coercive propaganda campaign. Our enemies have deceptively recruited or coerced government officials, local leaders and political figures throughout our nation to support the plan to destroy America from within.

We have seen or heard about the COVID-19 ‘quarantine camps’ built throughout our nation. They are not camps. They are prisons for U.S. citizens. The CDC refers to the prisons as ‘quarantine camps’ and to house-arrest as ‘Household Shielding’ in their guidelines entitled, “Shielding Approach to Prevent COVID-19 Infections in Humanitarian Settings.”

We are being warned of another pandemic hitting soon. If we don’t voluntarily submit to the next bioweapon injection or voluntarily go to these prisons, will local law enforcement or the military use force to detain us?

Will someone look back 80 years from now and ask, “Why didn’t the Americans unite to save America?”

  • “The Americans were told that they were going to a COVID-19 quarantine camp for public safety and once they were no longer a high-risk to others, they could go back home.”  
  • “The Americans didn’t know the ‘vaccines’ were bioweapons and thought they were winning when they dropped the vaccine mandates.”
  • “The Americans believed that a top-secret military operation was in charge and the destruction of their nation and injury and murder of adults and children was ‘part of the plan’ to wake people up before America could be saved.”

“During COVID-19, the Americans thought the elimination of their rights was for public health safety. They were not told that they were taken as prisoners of war captured by their own government and the victims of the most evil propaganda, psychological warfare, and biological weapons experimentation in the history of humanity. They were told the bioweapons were vaccines. If they had known, leaders would have risen up to warn the nation about the weapons of mass destruction, unite the people, and save America.”

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2 Thessalonians 2:9-11

The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with how Satan works. He will use all sorts of displays of power through signs and wonders that serve the lie, and all the ways that wickedness deceives those who are perishing. They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness.

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