Winters: “Revolving Door” Between Tech And Intel Community Led To 2020 Election Collusion

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by EDITOR2,  February 8, 2023

“War Room” executive editor Natalie Winters talks to host Steve Bannon about the congressional hearing that examined the collusion between Twitter and Big Tech and the Intel Community to stop Trump and crush conservatives.

“I think if you really drill down, the bigger picture which I think we really got the evidence for today, is the fact that, forget foreign election interference… what we saw today was evidence of domestic election interference, particularly by Big Tech platforms like Twitter, but really colluding with the Intel Community.”

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We Have Evidence MORE Social Media Platforms Were Secretly Communicating With Federal Government.

Original article.
by EDITOR2, February 9, 2023

Rep. Anna Paulina Luna talks to host Steve Bannon about her questioning of Twitter execs at an oversight hearing that explored the collusion between the federal government and social media.

“A lot of what these Democrat angles from yesterday was, they were trying to say this was some made-up conspiracy theory, that Twitter wasn’t actually working to suppress conservatives… What really Republicans were trying to [put forth is look, you have the evidence, they were suppressing, but the smoking gun … was the fact that Twitter … and other social media companies … were working [with federal agencies] on this private cloud server called Jira… This is what we know as a joint state actor… There’s absolute collusion with these companies and the federal government to suppress the First Amendment. ”

Part 2: Rep. Luna: Twitter Execs Perjured Themselves In Congressional Hearing On Government Collusion.