WOW! DACA Recipient Harasses Democrat Kyrsten Sinema on her Plane- Pushes Amnesty… Then Vile Leftists Stalk and Harass Sinema at Reagan International as She Arrives Back in DC

Original article. This is what you get with a lawless administration… Ungrateful, unvetted, immigrants working against our country (instead of assimilating) and demanding more lawlessness. It is LONG past time to take our country back from the worldwide invaders ushered in by the Biden administration. The oath of protecting our country “president” Biden took apparently meant nothing to him. We are on the right track to fix this, we just need to progress more rapidly.
By Jim Hoft
Published October 4, 2021 at 9:08 pm 854 Comments


Radical immigrant youths chased down Democrat Senator Kyrsten Sinema at Arizona State University where she is a guest speaker.

They chased her into a public bathroom while filming and into a stall.
Then they chased her out of the bathroom!

This afternoon Senator Sinema took a flight back to Washington DC.
During the flight a DACA recipient harassed Sinema in her plane.

The woman urged Sinema to pass immigration in the Democrat bill so she can stay in the country.

Imagine doing this in ANY other country today!

Then back in Washington DC, vile leftists were waiting for Sinema and harassed her at the airport.

** End **