Zucker Bucks Paid for Fulton County, What About Maricopa?

CannCon on his Locals channel broke this story yesterday, but it must be explored further. If this happened in Fulton County, Georgia could it have happened in Maricopa County, Arizona. What you ask? We Fulton County claimed that 50% of their elections staff was infected/exposed to covid. In response they hired Dominion to supply personnel and literally run the entire election.

Due to a FOIA request it was discovered what was a verbal contract was not paid in a timely manner and after multiply requests for supporting documentation the invoices where paid by Mark Zuckerburg funded non-profit Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL).

Here is a few of the Dominion invoices sent to Fulton County for the services rendered.




The report isolated multiple issues resulting in 9 findings and one critical concern. The audit trail for the invoices being paid is also provided.

Email Inquiry for Payments

Follow up payment Inquiry


So I must ask, there had been reports across Maricopa County of blue shirted Dominion employees at polling sites, did Maricopa also outsource a portion of their elections to Dominion?