1,500 Volunteers Investigate Wisconsin Election: The WEC Is a Member of the ERIC System – They Are Deliberately Not Cleaning the Voter Rolls (VIDEO)

Original article.  Can you think of one state that found everything okay after doing a serious look into the 2020 Election?  Of course not!  When is the truth going to overwhelm the Fake News we have seen since 11/03/20?
By Jim Hoft
Published February 17, 2022 at 8:00 am  253 Comments


A group investigating Wisconsin election fraud recently presented interim findings about the 2020 election. The informal hearing was held by the Wisconsin Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections in Madison, the WI capitol. Over the past 14 months, this group has had 1,500 volunteers, and spent $60k purchasing election lists at the State and County level. They currently use a supercomputer in Texas to process the data through 8 stages. Using public document requests, they also gained insight into the WI election administration.

TGP reported previously these same lists were given free to Democrats. The WI employees who did this should be fired and charged for theft. A terminology dictionary is a the bottom.

The group is investigating 4 categories:

  • The City of Milwaukee
  • State Databases Infiltrated or Abused
  • CTCL, Zuckerberg, National Vote at Home
  • Human Mules, Drops Boxes, Voting Machines, Indefinitely Confined

Note: this is an interim report. The group, headed by Peter Bernegger, has much work left to do including final numbers. About the 2020 Wisconsin elections, Bernegger says“Somebody is in our system, the WISVote, MyVote, DMV. They are adding names, fake voters, casting illegal ballots by the tens of thousands. We have the evidence to back it up”. Only the MacIver Institute reported on this event fairly. Others focused on Bernegger’s investor troubles almost 20 years ago.

  • Individuals voted twice using unique voter ID numbers for each.
  • Massive numbers were registered without either a first, a last name, even no address.
  • Apartment building with 1,600 people registered, 656 voted.
  • One address has not existed for 10 years, but 359 voters still registered to it.
  • Address with no occupants cast 113 ballots. They have the names & ID’s.
  • 625,000 dead voters on the rolls
  • 4,300 voters with a “99999” zip code
  • 3,400 FIDO keys to access the database distributed throughout Wisconsin
  • 4.7% DOT failure rate. This means 46,000 voted but not verified by DOT (DMV).
  • The City of Hudson grew by 10%, but registrations grew 128%
  • Most illegally cast ballots originated from MyVote (see Dictionary at the bottom)26 voters registered at a two-bedroom apartment
  • 290 voters registered at a 16-apartment building in La Crosse
  • 19 registered at a newer single-family home in Outagamie County
  • Registrations have different ID’s, but only one letter is made different in the name.
  • WEC recently entered into an agreement with DMV to not receive signatures.
  • eBook creates multiple registrations (25+) for one person, all with unique voter ID’s.

There are 7.13 million people in the WI registration database. But only 4 million people live in WI. About 3.6mil of these actually participate in elections. But WEC purposely keeps everything in one database. This includes active and inactive voters, the 625,000 people they know are dead, and every other variable. They never offload the garbage to a separate system. This is lunacy and screams of fraud. County Clerks showed them it only takes two computer clicks to convert an inactive voter, to an active voter. They watched as Clerks showed how to flip registrations in WisVote.

The 1,900 County Clerks need a USB type device called a FIDO key (Fast Identity Online) to access the WisVote registration system. The group learned 3,400 keys were dispersed all across WI. In one example, 3 clerks in one office were sent 10 keys each. This is similar to letting all staff use the same identical login information, which is done in many election departments (Maricopa). This is done purposefully and hides which employees made changes to the system.


  • 670,000 Inactive voters
  • 294,00 Active voters
  • 264,000 Voters with a 1918 registration date
  • 66,000 Deceased
  • 20,000 Undeliverable mailing addresses

City of Hudson grew by 10%, voter registration grew 128%. What they found across the board, voter registrations enormously outgrew the population growth with purposely inflated voter registrations.

WEC admitted that WISVote has not been audited since it was created. WEC has repeatedly told the public to “trust us”. Investigators obtained invoices on who WEC pays for computer programming. They determined election software is not built in-house as WEC has stated for years. The software has been subbed out, even to London England, who also subs out their programming work. . They don’t believe it’s the individual voters committing this fraud. Bernegger says “It has to be some bad guys using these names to cast illegal ballots. This exposes our current system. Something is wrong, somebody is in there. We don’t know who is doing this”.

There are pages and pages of voter registration without addresses, or without last names. Some fields are just jumbled garbage. How do you get a voter registration approved without an address? The group found all these mistakes in the first couple weeks. But WEC has had this data for 16 years, and a member of ERIC for over 6 years. They are deliberately not cleaning the database.

Wisconsin is required by law §6.36(1)(ae) to join ERIC and pay the membership fee. This non-profit collects voter data from  31 States. They provide lists to help States clean their voter rolls, or find unregistered citizens. WEC hides behind this contract to refuse the public access to the ERIC lists. Here’s why. In all of 2020, WEC requested ONLY ONE list – who are the unregistered citizens. WEC opted not to find the dead, moved, duplicate, or illegal voters.

A massive amount of registered voters have nothing listed for the last name. The same goes for the first name.  Even address fields are blank. These fields are loaded with just gobbledygook – a single character, a hyphen, quotation mark, and so.

Here are examples of registered voters with no Voter ID, or garbage characters as the ID numbers.

All registrants at one apartment complex show the same address. Only 4 did not include their apartment number. How does the postal carrier, when he walks up to this building, know what to do with those 4 ballots? WEC manages the chain of custody here?

This person registered using Ebooks. Each one shows a different Voter ID number, but they are all the same person. They are all “Active” and allowed to cast a ballot.

Many ballots envelopes were sent back because the person never lived there. These were marked “return to sender”. However, a ballot is shown to be cast in the WEC database. Below is an example. Where is the chain of custody? How on earth can this happen? Is someone scooping these returned blank ballots and not allowing back to WEC?


WEC – The 6 member agency created in 2015 to administer and enforce election law (elections@wi.gov).
WisVote – The State voter registration system and database. Built by WEC and launched in 2016.
MyVote – The WI website to check voter status or register to vote. (myvote.wi.gov)
DOT (DMV) –  The Division of Motor Vehicles is a subset of the WI Department of Transportation.
National Vote at Home – Leftist advocacy group demanding elections use 100% mail-in ballots.

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