4,849 Uncounted Provisional Ballots Remain In Maricopa County Where Over 50% Of Polling Locations Experienced Printer And Tabulator Failures

Original article. So, they certified the election and have yet to finish counting! How much more corrupt can it be? #AZRevote!!!! Why did Judge Peter Thompson ignore the hard evidence and proof? An investigation is obviously warranted in addition to a #AZRevote!!!!
By Jordan Conradson
Published January 4, 2023 at 2:00 pm 117 Comments

Abe Hamadeh is raising concerns about nearly 5,000 uncounted provisional ballots in Maricopa County after a recount of ballots in Pinal County discovered hundreds of new votes for Abe Hamadeh.

Abe’s race against radical leftist Kris Mayes was initially called by just 511 out of over 2.5 million votes. However, as The Gateway Pundit reported, a miscount of votes in Pinal County discovered hundreds of new votes for Hamadeh.

Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Timothy Thomason announced Mayes won on Thursday afternoon during a hearing.

The Gateway Pundit reported that Abe Hamadeh filed a Motion for New Trial in the Mohave County Superior Court on Tuesday.

This issue needs to be investigated, and other Counties need to do a full recount. “It’s simple, if the judge allows us to inspect and count the ballots – we win,” said Abe.

On Election Day in Maricopa County, over 50% of tabulators and printers failed the moment that polls opened, causing voters to be turned away from the polls and creating long wait times of four hours or more. According to cybersecurity expert Clay Parikh’s testimony, this was an intentional act aimed at disenfranchising Republican voters who turned out 3:1 for Trump-Endorsed candidates. Many of the thousands of voters disenfranchised by this catastrophe were forced to vote provisionally.

The Gateway Pundit reported on testimony in Kari Lake’s election trial by County Elections Director Scott Jarrett, where he potentially perjures himself and admits to the intentional printer setting change that caused this failure.

4,849 uncounted provisional ballots remain in Maricopa County, according to the County.

Hamadeh tweeted last week that Maricopa County has “refused to give information” about the thousands of ballots that remain uncounted.

Maricopa County has still refused to give information regarding provisional ballots.

There are still 4000+ votes that have not been counted. We don’t know who they are, they don’t know if their vote has been counted.

Voters have been disenfranchised.

— Abe Hamadeh (@AbrahamHamadeh) December 29, 2022

Abe also tweeted, “There are thousands of uncounted provisional ballots. Thousands of voters were disenfranchised. Election Day in Maricopa County was a disaster. Election officials failed democracy.”

As The Gateway Pundit reported, Kari Lake is also fighting a legal battle in her election against Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, who ran her own election.

Kari Lake filed an appeal to the trial court’s decision, and the morning of January 24th was reserved for a conference and oral argument. Read the full Arizona Court of Appeals order here.

Kari Lake also filed a petition in the Arizona Supreme Court to transfer her election lawsuit directly to the State Supreme Court. Read the full petition here!

Just The News reported,

Arizona Republican candidates Abe Hamadeh and Kari Lake have launched new legal maneuvers to contest the November election as the state’s largest county gave its most detailed explanation to date on why it did not count more than 4,800 provisional ballots cast two months ago.

Newly sworn-in Arizona Secretary of State Adrian Fontes said in a radio interview on Friday regarding Pinal County’s vote total discrepancy, “You know, the single digit differences are not unusual, but it is absolutely, it’s really problematic to see the number of ballots in Pinal County that were not tabulated.”

“The folks down in Pinal County, particularly the Board of Supervisors and their election director back a year ago did not staff up,” Fontes added. “They did not fund up. They did not train and prepare for what they knew was going to happen.”

The Pinal County Elections Department and Gov. Katie Hobbs’ office didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment Tuesday.

Hamadeh also is raising concerns about more than 4,000 provision ballots that were not counted in Maricopa, the state’s largest county.

When asked about the uncounted provisional ballots, Maricopa County told Just the News on Tuesday the final total of rejected ballots was 4,849.

“Only eligible, registered voters are allowed to vote in Arizona. After researching each provisional voter’s eligibility in the 2022 General Election, the Maricopa County Recorder’s Office confirmed eligibility for 2,954 voters and those ballots were counted,” the county said in a statement.

Provisional ballots, it added, were not counted for one of five reasons:

1. The voter was not registered to vote (2,556)

2. The voter registered after the deadline provided for in law (1,942)

3. The voter didn’t provide enough information to validate eligibility (57)

4. The voter’s early ballot was counted, so the provisional ballot was not counted (65)

5. The voter didn’t provide sufficient ID by the deadline provided for in law (229)”

The county also provided the provisional ballot summary from the general election canvass that showed the breakdown of the provisional ballots.

These explanations are not enough. A full analysis of these ballots and ballot printer failures must be allowed by Abe Hamadeh and Kari Lake.

The Gateway Pundit will be posting more updates from Arizona.

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