An attorney’s review of the 2022 AZ Election Crimes/Fraud

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Abe Hamadeh,


10:36 AM · Apr 4, 2023

Copied from the Tweet:

To recap what happened on and after Election Day in November 2022 and why I’m still fighting.


In Maricopa County, an unprecedented number of printers ‘malfunctioned’ despite working during the primary and the night before Election Day — causing frustration amongst voters, lines of several hours, and confusion regarding voting procedures. The County’s response to this was to protect itself and lecture voters instead of offering solutions and restoring confidence in our system.

After our election ‘loss’ we then filed our election contest when we were down 511 votes, in the the closest race in Arizona history. My opponent, then Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, and Maricopa County attacked us and sought sanctions for daring to question the result of a botched election.

We then went to trial during tight timeline period on December 23 while our numerous public record requests were denied by Maricopa County and while the government who had knowledge of a massive discrepancy in the recount relating to the issues we brought up in our lawsuit withheld this information from us and the judge.

At trial, my legal team was thrown into a position where we had almost no access to any evidence and the government had all the knowledge and facts withheld from us. 6 days later, the results of the recount, which the government had knowledge of, showed the vote deficit shrink from 511 to 280 votes, the largest recount discrepancy in history, thus Intensifying suspicions in this election.

Afterward, Maricopa County released to us the public record request we were asking related to the provisional ballots. Our team snd the @GOP soon discovered that many of these provisional ballots that were rejected were from high propensity voters who had voted in recent previous elections, which is a highly unusual.

If Maricopa County had produced the provisional ballots as they were required to in the timely manner, in many ways I don’t believe my team would have discovered or been able to investigate the unusual disenfranchisement of voters across the state in time for the initial trial.

In the greatest of ironies, the government’s coverup will undoubtedly be their greatest mistake and ultimately lead to the truth being revealed. The truth is that the government processes and systems has disenfranchised thousands of Arizonans — canceling their registrations and violating their Constitutional right to vote without due process.

As I’ve done all my adult life, I’ve sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution both as a prosecutor in my civilian capacity and as a military officer. I have every intention to see this fight to the very end and give justice to the millions of Arizonans who cast their ballots and had their votes stolen from them from unaccountable bureaucrats who believe they can put their thumb on the scales of the law.

Once given a new trial and the evidence is presented, we will undoubtedly prove what the government and my opponent already know — that I received the most votes in the Attorney General race. Democracy must be respected and the will of the people will be honored.

The legal system will work and it will give renewed hope that justice is still the aim of our society and that our elections are not to be decided by the government, but rather by the people.

Arizona, keep the faith and hold the line.

— Abe

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