Eric Trump to Newsmax: N.Y. Spent $200M Investigating Father

Original article. This is soooo embarrassing for our country!!! Demos are destroying NY like they are our country. BTW, they are also exposing their deep and extensive EVIL to our country which will eventually destroy their own Communist Party. THAT, can’t come soon enough.

BTW, Let’s hear what citizens of NY think of this total waste of their money. Come on Fake News, there is a hot topic to cover. Remember, the “indictment” does not even specify the “crime” it alleges occurred during the misdemeanor. Should this guy have a license to “practice” law??? Perhaps it is more accurate to say “abuse the law.”

By Luca Cacciatore    |   Wednesday, 05 April 2023 10:23 PM EDT

Eric Trump, the son of former President Donald Trump, told Newsmax on Wednesday that a New York grand jury spent $200 million to investigate his father.

Joining “Eric Bolling The Balance,” Eric Trump said that after six years and 11 million documents subpoenaed, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg largely has come up short in his charges.

“Every single business deal you’ve ever done — they went through everything,” Eric Trump said. “They couldn’t find a single thing. So they do an indictment for a $130,000 payment, and they spend $200 million of New York City resources to get there — shutting down the city.”

Eric Trump also called out the New York County district attorney’s office for charging Donald Trump with 34 counts of falsifying business records while “people are getting killed” in the streets and criminals go uncharged.

“A little girl was shot in the face in Times Square. You have women that are getting thrown in front of trains in the subway. Homelessness is out of control. People are leaving New York City in droves,” he said.

The Trump Organization executive vice president also pointed to New York’s population loss, declining roughly 3% in the past three years, as “hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people are leaving.”

“But, yet, what is Alvin Bragg doing? He’s going after Donald Trump — a guy who’s winning the Republican nomination by 35 points right now … for a $130,000 payment, which was totally legal, that he made six years ago.

“This is the state of our country,” he continued. “This is the weaponization of politics that we have in our country. And it’s not just Alvin Bragg. You see it in Georgia. You see it with crooked [New York Attorney General] Letitia James.”

He voiced his concerns in response to his father’s arraignment Tuesday, in which the former president was charged in relation to a hush money payment to adult performer Stormy Daniels.

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