Arizona Remedy to lawless government

Original video. We can all see that our government is severely broken and not functioning for We The People. They ignore our demands to correct the problems, so the problems simply continue year after year after year. Fortunately, wise people recognized this possibility and provided remedy. We are rapidly running out of time to correct the problems. The Election Crimes/Fraud of 2020 were even worse in 2022. Our country WILL NOT SURVIVE ANOTHER STOLEN ELECTION.

We MUST carefully consider this remedy and decide if this is the best (maybe only) choice we have at this point.

I realized I already had the first book David presented and had already highlighted some of the areas he addressed (probably from one of his previous presentations). I have listed the two books below and the limited notes that I took.

  1. Understanding the Arizona Constitution Second Edition, by Toni McClory
  2. Two Treatises of Government illustrated, by John Locke
  3. 2023-04-23_ArizonaRemedy2LawlessGovernment.docx (my notes)

Precinct Committeemen and The People Activated Documentary [Arizona Remedy]

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