Live With Kari Lake: New Details on What Really Happened in Maricopa County | EPISODE 14

Original video. I can only think of one thing that the Biden administration has done for our country. (Make sure you watch all of this episode.) He has blatantly, with in-your-face crimes and corruption, clearly shown the country how fast Demos WILL destroy our country when allowed in power. Of course we have also seen how all the three-letter organizations will collude with Demos to help speed up the destruction of our country. Although this has been a tremendously painful experience, it is value knowledge to have going forward. This should be the end of the “Democrat” (actually now Communist) party. Who wants destruction???

Kari is right!! If we don’t get reliable, secure elections (WITHOUT MACHINES!!!) before the 2024 election, OUR COUNTRY IS GONE!!!! You know the list by now: One Day, One Vote, Minimum Mail-In Ballots, Hand Count, Precinct Voting (instead of corrupt election centers), Small Precincts, In other words, for AZ; PASS ALL OF THE LIZ HARRIS BILLS!!! The person fighting the hardest to eliminate Election Crimes/Fraud we continue have!!! (That is the REAL REASON she was targeted for that invalid expulsion. #ReinstateLizHarris Action Toolkit:,

It is really unfair to ask President Trump to save and restore our country, that has treated him so horrifically, to our founding principals which has made it so great. However, that is exactly what he wants to do and WILL DO. May God richly bless him.

The rest of the Kimberly Guilfoyle Show is also very important. You can find her episodes on Rumble here. Other Social Media listed near end of the video. Website mentioned:

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