Arizona’s Massive, Blatant, In-Your-Face Crimes and Fraudulent 2022 Election “management.”

Editorial. This Maricoruption County 2020 Election Debacle only accomplished two things: 1) We proved that the machines can not be trusted. 2) We proved that Maricorruption County can not be trusted to run elections. There is no way any of these people should be anywhere near another election!! We CAN NOT trust them or the machines!!! We need to see perp walks. Then, we need to bring in the military, have serialized ballots with multiple security measures printed in TX as Mark Finchem recommended. Then, #AZRevote with one day, one vote hand count with bare minimum of mail-in ballots as required. We have already given them far too much rope. Now that they have hung themselves, they MUST NOT be allowed near another election!!! That includes Runbeck Election Services! This mess has made Arizona an embarrassment to the world. Even France has a far better system without machines!!

Intentional Wrongdoing Is Only Explanation For The Widespread Election Malfeasance On Game Day In AZ

Original video.

CISA Works With Big Tech To Censor Election Stories

Original video. Even our federal government is a part of the fraud.

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  • Begins with CISA & Stephen Richer. Malinformation (Malicious Information) = Citizens trying to get the truth. Addressed by Christina Bobb. She also mentions Katie Hobbs involvement with censuring people on Twitter. She spent $4.5 Million on censuring.
  • 12:00 Brazil, Lula files two lawsuits against President Bolsonaro. Once again, problems with voting machines. Sounds strangely familiar. Note the military protection of the constitutional rule-of-law.
  • 22:12 Twitter Files Dump #2. Daren Beattie. D.C. Bar attacking Rudy Giuliani AGAIN. & Liz Harrington

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