AZ Audit Report Documents & Assessment Interview

The following is a full set of the supporting report documents. We invite you to read the many volumes and see the details for yourself.

Audit Cover Letter to Attorney General

Shiva presentation

Dr Shiva 1

Cyber Ninjas Presentation 1

Cyber Ninjas Presentation 2

Cyber Volume 1

Cyber Volume 2

Cyber Volume 3

Cotton Presentation

The following video (Assessment Interview) is being added 9/05/23. The purpose is to have everything you need in one place to understand this massive historic evident. This one-of-a-kind forensic audit was a huge success in this author’s opinion. It should have resulted in the prosecution of many people involved in the corruption of the Arizona 2020 election. Instead, corruption throughout many organizations was able to discredit and cover up this amazing work. Note: the three presentation files have been moved and/or removed. Also see A Summary of the Audit and Canvass Reports.

Discussing The Arizona Audit With Cyber Ninjas Doug Logan

Original video.

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