AZ GOP PRIMARY — Kari Lake COMES ROARING BACK After Trailing Pence-Endorsed Candidate Karrin Robson in Gubernatorial Race – Robson Outperforms by 20 Points! — RACE TOO CLOSE TO CALL

Original article. At this posting, Kari Lake is leading 46.2 to 42.5. See this live update.

By Jim Hoft
Published August 2, 2022 at 10:21 pm 1984 Comments

The Arizona primary election was held on Tuesday night.

Popular Trump-endorsed candidate Kari Lake fell behind Pence-endorsed candidate Karrin Robson.

It was another Raffensperger special.

Kari Lake is one of the most dynamic candidates in the country today.

Lake and Robson held dueling rallies and the numbers weren’t even close. Kari Lake and Trump had tens of thousands in attendance. Mike Pence and Karrin Robson had a couple hundred

Kari Lake led in ALL of the primary polls except one that was very suspicious by a shady polling outfit.

Kari Lake led in every poll (except one outlier) by 10 points!

Now multiple polls in the last couple of days showing Kari Lake with the lead in AZ-GOV GOP primary@OHPredictive (Lake +18)@Data_Orbital (Lake +11)@AlloyAnalytics (Lake +10)@trafalgar_group (Lake +9):

— Alex Isenstadt (@politicoalex) July 29, 2022

Robson outperformed by nearly 20 points!

To be clear — Karrin Robson outperformed by 20 points on Tuesday — Another miracle performance by the Uniparty candidata.

UPDATE– Kari Lake comes roaring back!

Kari Lake now leads with 79% of the vote counted.

And once again — How can France and England deliver election results the night of the election with paper ballots but only 79% of the votes in Arizona race are counted at 6 AM in the morning using ballot counting machines?

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