Biden’s War: China Negotiating with Russia to Supply Kamikaze Drones – Capable of Carrying Warheads into Battle

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By Jim Hoft, Feb. 23, 2023 7:15 pm, 250 Comments

Germany’s Der Spiegel on Thursday reported that China was negotiating with Russia to supply Kamikaze drones to the Putin regime.

China reportedly agreed to manufacture and test 100 ZT-180 prototype drones to Russia. The drones reportedly have the ability to carry warheads into battle.

Der Spiegel reported:

At the Munich Security Conference last weekend, U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken dispensed with the usual diplomatic niceties when he reported on his meeting with top Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, delivering a rebuke instead.

“We are very concerned that China is considering providing lethal support to Russia in its aggression against Ukraine,” Blinken told U.S. broadcaster NBC. “And I made clear that that would have serious consequences in our relationship as well.”

China reacted quickly, with a Foreign Ministry spokesperson accusing Blinken of spreading disinformation. But information obtained by DER SPIEGEL indicates that the planned cooperation between Beijing and Moscow goes even further than Blinken makes it sound.

A Warhead up to 50 Kilograms in Weight

According to that information, the Russian military is engaged in negotiations with Chinese drone manufacturer Xi’an Bingo Intelligent Aviation Technology over the mass production of kamikaze drones for Russia. The revelations create a new urgency in the debate over possible Chinese military support for Russia.

Bingo has reportedly agreed to manufacture and test 100 ZT-180 prototype drones before delivering them to the Russian Defense Ministry by April 2023. Military experts believe the ZT-180 is capable of carrying a 35- to 50 kilogram warhead.

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