Todd Bensman: Biden Regime Suppressing Photos Exposing Truth On The Southern Border

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by EDITOR2, February 24, 2023

Todd Bensman of the Center for Immigration Studies talks to host Steve Bannon about the latest end-run that the Biden administration is doing around border law.

“The Biden administration began a program on January 5 to reduce the crowds that we were seeing in places like El Paso, all those immigrants, illegals, sleeping in the streets. It was chaos… The way they plan to do that is to pre-legalize them while they’re still in Mexico and give them humanitarian parole appointments while they’re there, so that when they cross into the US they cross through a port of entry, not between them where they get counted as illegals…. The same number of people are crossing in, they’re just crossing in a different way, so it’s sort of bait and switch trickery … an accounting trick.”

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