The Tale Of Three Cities: Yuma, Kyiv, And East Palestine

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Grant Stinchfield, the newest host on Real America’s Voice, joins Steve Bannon to talk about the similarities and differences of Yuma, Kyiv and East Palestine — “A Tale of Three Cities.”

“You know you’ve got some real disparities obviously between these three cities, but you have some real similarities as well. You talk about the war in Ukraine, I would say we are in the middle of a war in Yuma, Arizona. I mean our city there and all these border towns are under siege, it is an absolute invasion, and so while Zelensky faces an element of invasion, we face one as well. And then when you combine Joe Biden and Team Biden’s response to that invasion, we have zero response in Yuma, Arizona, and we have an unbelievable response in Ukraine… And then of course to bring in [East] Palestine, well you compare that to Ukraine. Joe Biden says we’re gonna give you $500 million to support your pension programs, my lord. The people in [East] Palestine, these poor people, they are insulted by Team Biden.”

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