Breaking News! “The World Will See This Data Now’, Lindell Says Gag Order Lifted, ‘Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming Now’

Original article. Mark Finchem confirmed, the gag order is lifted.
by Kari Donovan

Mike Lindell confirmed a breaking news story that was covered by Pete Santilli and his Friday night guest,  Lance Migliaccio, in an exciting update about the 2020 election.

“This is so exciting. Not many people are going to understand this but this will send a lot of people into a panic because now Mike Lindell owns this company and has the data he wanted, and the gag order to keep the data quiet has been lifted,” Santilli said after having the story confirmed from numerous sources.

“The government lifted the gag order, that means the whole world is going to see this election data,” Lindell said on a GETTR live stream on Friday night.

Watch that here:

Here is some background information that takes us back to August at Lindell’s Moment of Truth event. Lindell sat down with show host Branndon Howse, then, to explain what had happened at the event.

Lindell in this video explains that he bought the company that belonged to cyber expert Dennis Montgomery. Montgomery had information about election fraud that he wanted to give to Lindell, but Montgomery had been under a gag order. When Lindell bought the company, he filed a lawsuit that said he then owned data and wanted the government to lift the gag order on the data. Lindell, of course, wanted to release the information to prove his claim about the 2020 election.

Lindell’s efforts to make the information public had been thwarted at his two election summits, but now the good news was that the gag order had been lifted by a judge in Nevada.

Watch Lindell and Howse explain that situation, and why Lindell bought the company and what would happen in a lawsuit he filed from his MO event :

“Mike Lindell and Brannon Howse discuss Dennis Montgomery’s 32 tb PCAPs of evidence is real.  Dennis Montgomery was under a government gag order and now Mike owns the data. The data was put in a case in Nevada. Mike will release 32 tb of data and people will see why there was a gag order on the data”.

Part of the data that Lindell purchased and wanted the government to lift the gag order on was whistleblower reports that Dennis Montgomery claims to have filed, proving that the US Government is spying on American citizens.

That information is a website dedicated to information about Montgomery and his business.

The following is from Dennis Montogermy:

Whistleblower Efforts

“I followed the proper state protocols for whistle-blowing and raising issues, only to be ignored, arrested by force, prosecuted, persecuted, discredited, slandered, defamed, libeled, I am still standing (barely).  I could have sold the data and made millions of $, but didn’t. I could have sold secrets from every defense contractor in this country, but didn’t, I could have dumped 600 million pages of sensitive information on Americans and their businesses on the internet and fled to Russia, but didn’t.

I am determined to get information about the US Government spying on Americans and their businesses in FBI/CIA/NSA domestic surveillance programs I worked in. Who gave the CIA the authority to operate a domestic surveillance program inside the US that targeted Americans?

Don’t be fooled thinking these FBI/CIA/NSA domestic surveillance programs only collected phone records. These illegal spying programs that targeted Americans collected personal and business documents, financial records, phone records, medical records, internet searches, emails, SMS & MMS messages, images, login credentials, IRS records, social security information, IP addresses with geolocation information, corporate records, corporate intellectual property (IP), attorney client communications, attorney client documents, voter information, voter records, government communications, classified documents, and more all collected in these illegal spying programs.

These illegal domestics spying program were designed, directed and supervised by US Government employees George Tenet (CIA), John Brennan (CIA), Donald Kerr (CIA), Ed Charbonneau (CIA),  James Rosche (Secretary of Air Force), and James Clapper (Head of DNI), as well as many US Government employees of NSA, DOD, AF, DNI, ARMY, NAVY, HS, in surveillance contracts we were awarded.

US Government attorneys set in these surveillance briefings and approved massive domestic surveillance on Americans. Dick Cheney (Vice President), Carlotta Wells (Attorney DOJ in DC), Raphael Gomez (DOJ attorney DC), Peter Keisler (US Attorney General), Gregg Addington (USAO Reno NV), Robert Mueller (Director of FBI), Deborah Curtis (DOJ Counterintelligence attorney Fired by DOJ), Daniel Bogden (US attorney Nevada fired by DOJ), James Baker (General Counsel FBI now Deputy Counsel Twitter), Paul Pugliese (USAO fired by DOJ), Ronald C Rachow (USAO fired by DOJ), and 30 more DOJ attorneys approved FBI/CIA/NSA domestic surveillance programs I worked in.

 My Wikipedia page appeared 10 days after I filed my first DOJ whistleblower complaint on illegal FBI/CIA/NSA domestic surveillance programs I worked in. This is the same time the Internet trolls began attacking me.

Why is the US Government having to use Internet trolls as shills to attack me?  The US Government has already been caught once once violating my constitutional rights. Why didn’t the US Government appeal the Nevada District court ruling? The Judge caught the FBI red handed tampering with documents they provided to the court! The US Government fired the US Attorney in NV, Daniel Bogden after they court exposed both  DOJ attorneys and FBI agents had filed false affidavits with the court, tampered with documents they produced to the court, and outright lied to the judge to get a search warrant to search my home and arrest me, looking for classified documents. This bogus FBI raid on me and my family has cost us tens of millions of $.

It didn’t take the judge long to figure out the FBI lied to the court  as to what they were looking for at the Montgomery my home when the FBI submitted their bogus search warrant request to the court. The judge later concluded and stated, “…the FBI was obviously looking for items at the Montgomery home other than what the put on the search warrant.” The judge was right. The FBI was looking for evidence Robert Mueller and the FBI were operating FBI/CIA/NSA domestic surveillance programs in Nevada off the grid and away from any congressional oversight!

The US Government has taken, seized, stolen over 1,354  disk drives, 90TB, 27.8 billion files from me over the last 16 years. These disk drives  contained my intellectual property (IP) which contained tens of millions of lines of source code of computer programs I have been developing since 1975. What company would tolerate the US Government stealing their IP when the US Government had no rights title or interest in that IP? Despite years of requests to return my IP to me the US Government has decided to use the technology but not pay me for its use. “

Why has the US Government kept restrictive US district court gag orders on me for the last 16 years?

I have nothing to hide but bad actors in the US Government do!”


On Santilli’s show on Friday night, he and ‘Big Mig’ talked about the case and their understanding of what would happen next:

Listen below- starting at 2:09:00 (Looks like it is more like 2:27:00.)

“That is a Bomb. Lindell has always known this. He’s always said that he had Dennis’ back. He’s always maintained his confidence. He never stopped, he never backed off. So now we’ve got surveillance, right? Surveillance of political opponents. So break it down. What does this software have the capability to do on the crimes of potentially that are going to be exposed here?” Santilli said to Mig.

“The program works that much better, than anything else and has recorded every ping- it is called the hammer. The government is going to be in such a deep hole because the killer part of all this is whether anybody doubts, Montgomery has been collecting every ping. Because it’s fraud the way that they told him, they weren’t using the software. I mean, it’s incredible. So for you guys that don’t understand this, let me tell you some. So now go Montgomery has been maligned with a nasty narrative against him. They’ve attacked him, said, he’s a liar, a cheat, a fraud, that’s only the beginning. He wrote a program and because we believed in him all along, we believe the technology was created.

Dennis Montgomery worked with each weapon in the beginning and he created a supercomputer system called The Hammer. So the Hammer is a supercomputer, that exploits and operates like a crowbar to get into anything you could possibly imagine is called the hammer- HMR. 

So, all that stuff, you’ve seen the Julian Assange posted, the wiki vault 7 and Snowden’s releases and all those programs. What you do is you take one of those programs and you load it into the hammer supercomputer with the hammer exploits it. So let’s say they want to break in your is of iOS phone. They might use Mystic or one of the other programs and once you put the program in and actually, it’s on steroids.

But they have literally been spying on the FISA Court, and they’ve been spying on all the district court judges. I believe that’s one of the reasons we don’t get the court wins like we think we should have been spying on the state jurisdiction. Spying on Farmers abortion clinics. They have been cataloging information to use it as extortion and to actually control different political figures and different corporate figures, they’re doing insider trading with it and this was all done by Clinton, Obama, Brennan ,Clapper and Comey. That’s why they discredited Montgomery.

So So we’re excited because we’re talking about a tsunami of information that is literally going to brutalize them and the good news is goes all the way to the top everybody’s involved.

And this is a situation where there is nothing, that can stop what is coming now, they’re in serious trouble. So this is huge. I’m so excited, right? 


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