Philadelphia Democrat Endorses Dr. Oz, Calls On Other Dems To Put Public Safety Ahead Of Party

Original article. Democrats continue to turn to the party that will save our country from the Left’s insanity.

By Mike LaChance
Published October 8, 2022 at 11:09 pm 238 Comments

The former deputy mayor of Philadelphia, a Democrat, is endorsing Republican Dr. Oz in the Pennsylvania Senate race.

Rampant crime has been a driving issue in the 2022 midterms and Pennsylvania is no exception, especially Philadelphia.

Things are out of control, and this Democrat is citing the problem as his reason for endorsing Oz.

Townhall reports:

Philly Democrat Endorses Oz, Calls for Dems to Put Public Safety Over Party Affiliation

In the midterm battleground of Pennsylvania, the U.S. Senate race has some Democrats crossing party lines to vote for GOP nominee Mehmet Oz over current Lt. Governor John Fetterman.

Enter Democrat Tom Knox, a former deputy mayor of Philadelphia and one-time candidate for governor of the Keystone State. Knox endorsed Oz on Friday, citing rising crime in his city and Democrats’ failure to crack down on violent offenders.

“I am a lifelong Democrat,” Knox explained in his endorsement of Oz over his Democrat opponent. “I have met with John Fetterman, and I personally like him,” Knox continued. “But I am sad to say, as a resident of Philadelphia, that our city has become increasingly dangerous, and John Fetterman’s policies on crime will make things much worse.”

For Knox, as has been the case for an increasing number of Pennsylvania voters in recent weeks, Fetterman’s embrace of the radical left’s version of criminal justice “reform” has raised eyebrows as crime surges and offenders often end up right back on the streets. “His push as Lieutenant Governor to release more dangerous criminals – after we have already seen a gruesome increase in violent crime – and promote heroin injection sites in our neighborhoods are radical ideas that would make our streets less safe,” Knox said of Fetterman’s priorities.

This is a great endorsement for Oz.

Fetterman wants to let more people out of jail.

Oz is the better choice for law and order.

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