BREAKING: Tucker Carlson Reads Off List of Trump Allies Targeted, Harassed and Subpoenaed by Biden Regime and Merrick Garland’s DOJ in Ongoing Political Purge (VIDEO)

Original article. I previously created a post with a different link to this Tucker Carlson program. That link became a video of the Asean Summit even though the overlay at the top of the video still says it is the Tucker Carlson program. Very strange! Sounds like more coverup to me. If this video changes, please let me know.
By Jim Hoft
Published September 12, 2022 at 7:51 pm 2642 Comments

On the Anniversary of the 9-11 Islamist Attacks on America Democrats Democrats and their media organized announced that the political opposition is now the greatest threat to America and as dangerous at the Islamic terrorists on 9-11.

Kamala Harris and others announced this on Sunday, the 21st anniversary of 9-11.

Tucker Carlson opened his Monday show displaying these shocking comments by the Democrat leaders. They have demonized American citizens as their new enemy and will act accordingly.

Last Friday we learned that up to 50 Trump supporters had their homes raided or were subpoenaed by Joe Biden’s DOJ. Attorney Harmeet Dhillon went on with Tucker Carlson to discuss the mass FBI raids and subpoenas of Trump supporters.

Harmeet told Tucker that up to 50 Trump supporters may be involved in the roundup.

On Monday Tucker Carlson released the names of several top Trump supporters who were subpoenaed last week by Joe Biden’s DOJ in their ongoing harassment campaign of political opponents.

According to Tucker Carlson the following Trump supproters were caught up in this political purge.

** Kylie Kremer
** Amy Kremer
** Bernie Kerik, former NYC Police Commissioner
** Boris Epshteyn, attorney for President Trump
** Matt Morgan
** Justin Clark
** Adam Chesborough
** Mike Roman
** Joshua Finland, RNC official
** John Eastman, Trump Attorney
** Jenna Ellis, Trump Attorney
** Joe deGenova
** Rudy Giuliani
** Sidney Powell
** Victoria Toensing
** Cleta Mitchell
** Stephen Miller
** State Rep. Jake Hoffman
** Former Rep. Lou Barletta

And dozens of others.

The Biden DOJ is demanding all correspondence from these people on unconstitutional and unlawful grounds.

Via Tucker Carlson Tonight.


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