Clips from “Rise of Truth – Demise of Machines” Summit

You can find the main post of this event here: EXCLUSIVE – WATCH LIVE: “The Rise of TRUTH, The Demise of Machines” Event In Tempe, Arizona With MAAP Real Talk Show And The Gateway Pundit — Broadcast To Begin At 12 PM MST

Biographies of presenters.

Failed Democrat Primary:

Pinal County:

Halderman (He changes his mind.):

Democrat Presidential Preference Election (Lawrence Hudson):

Roger Fuller:

Erin Clements:

Tina Peters (Selection.Code Movie Trailer):

Tina Peters (More Background on the Election Fraud in the Selection.Code Movie):

Jeff O’Donnell:

Patrick Colbeck:

Clint Curtis (D) – You may also see his presentation at the main event, 2nd video 1:33:00:

Clay Parikh:

Walter Daugherity:

Shawn Smith:

Jovan Hutton Pulitzer:

MTEC (Maricopa Tabulation & Election Center. They changed the network configuration because the Routers & Splunk Logs under subpoena would have revealed more of the Election Fraud. However, plenty of Fraud was documented in the Three-Volume Audit Report):

Ben Cotton:

Ben Cotton Continued:

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