CONFERENCE SATURDAY: “The Rise of TRUTH, The Demise of Machines” in Tempe, AZ with All-Star Speaker’s List

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By Jim Hoft
Published September 30, 2022 at 9:28 pm 31 Comments

There is a large free gathering tomorrow morning in Phoenix (Tempe, AZ) to discuss “The Rise of Truth – The Demise of Machines”.

Numerous speakers will be present. There will be video evidence and group discussions.

The event is being held at the amazing Pollack Theater.

You can join the guest list or contact the event organizers here. Join us as expert witnesses explain what problems they experience as machines count our ballots.

The Rise of Truth – The Demise of Machines

Saturday, October 1st
11:30 AM – 4:00 PM

Pollack Cinemas, 85284

Link to Event & Free Tickets

Invited guests to speak include: 

Jim O’Connor (Arizona Corporation Commission – Regulator)
Clay Parikh (Former Voting System Tester and Expert Witness)
Patrick Colbeck (Aerospace Engineer)
Tina Peters (Colorado Clerk)
Jeff O’Donnell (Chief Information Officer Ordros Analytics)
Dr. Walter Daugherity (Senior Lecturer Emeritus Texas A&M)
Michael Shafer
Erin Clements (Data Analyst, wife of NM Professor Clements)
Col. Shawn Smith (Retired, US Air Force – Space & Missile Operations)
Ben Cotton (CEO of CyFIR, Army Special Operations Command)
Clint Curtis (First to develop an algorithm to steal elections)
Sonny Borrelli
Lawrence Hudson
Roger Fuller
Jovan Hutton Pulitzer (Inventor/Forensics – Tesla Labs Founder)
Dr. Alex Halderman

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