Court Slams Biden DOJ in Trump Raid Case, What is Biden Hiding in Delaware? & Much More!

Original video. Folks, with this regime, there is no equal justice under the law (except with an occasional honest judge). See the Tucker Carlson video below. There is only manipulation to see what they can get away with; especially when it comes to covering up the massive Voter/Election Fraud in the 2020 elections. We need more honest judges to take a stand against all of this corruption. Thank God for the few!!

Hypocrisy Watch; Perhaps a branch of Judicial Watch. I like it. Call out the lies and deception for what they are. These liars should have been thoroughly discredited long ago. How can the DOJ be trusted for anything?

Here is a video on the Trump’s win with more lies from Biden: Judge grants special master for former President Trump. Appropriately, the segment is from “Wake up Charlotte.” However, I would say, ‘Wake up America.”

Tucker Carlson: This is terrifying

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