COVID Was A Pretext For The Medical Matrix That Globalists Hope To Force Upon The World

Original article. CoVid, CoVid Jabs, Digital Matrix/Society, all part of the WEF plans to enslave the world under their power. Any doubts? “MUST WATCH: THE BIG RESET MOVIE – The Uncensored Documentary About the Truth of the PandemicWARNING!!! Collecting EVERYTHING about you, including medical data, is also an essential part of their plan (ex: One Medical). See “New E-Book Shares Findings From Pfizer Docs
by EDITOR2,  January 21, 2023

Author Naomi Wolf talks to “War Room” host Steve Bannon about the latest evidence that globalists had a plan to use Covid-19 as the pretext for a new world order. The discussion at the World Economic Forum by Tony Blair just confirmed what Wolf has been saying for more than two years now.

“What is obvious… the pandemic and the lockdowns… and the vaccine… that’s all pretext to lock people into this matrix, this digital matrix, which is the China style social credit score, and they’re not giving up… They’re determined to herd us into smart cities, into the internet of things and into a health-care based rationale for a social credit system like China where literally they can turn off your credit card, they can turn off your savings, they can turn off your access to food, access to schooling, and they’re not giving up.”

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