“I Want America to Wake Up and Pay Attention, Something Ain’t Right!” – Silk Describes How Her Sister Diamond ‘Died Suddenly’ in Her Kitchen (VIDEO & multipart post)

Original article. The truth is available: “COVID Was A Pretext For The Medical Matrix That Globalists Hope To Force Upon The World.”
By Jim Hoft
Published January 21, 2023 at 10:18 pm 4212 Comments

At the Saturday memorial for her sister Lynette “Diamond” Hardaway, Silk told the crowd of supporters, including President Trump, that the vaccine may have been a factor in her sister’s sudden death.

Silk then called for an investigation. “There’s something going on!”

Silk spoke to the crowd on Saturday before President Trump took the stage.

Silk described how her sister “died suddenly” and how she tried to save her.

Silk: As soon as Diamond hung up the phone, she said to me, “I can’t breathe.” It was sudden, out of nowhere and no warning. I got her to the kitchen table, opened up the back door so that she can get some air. And, each breath was less and less and less, until her eyes became a stare… My husband and I followed the 911 instructions from the lady. We laid her. Like they told us to lay her flat. They said do CPR. And it was one-two-three-four, one-two-three-four, one-two-three-four… My husband and I alternated and kept going and going and going, until the emergency truck came into the yard and the EMS came into the house. They did everything that they could.

So what I want to say to everybody is don’t you dare call me a conspiracy theorist. Because I saw it happen. I saw how it happened. I was there when it happened and it happened suddenly. I want America to wake up and pay attention. Something ain’t right. It’s time to investigate what’s really going on here! And get some answers to why our people are falling dead suddenly.

Silk then went on to say, “Instead of asking if Americans are vaxxed or unvaxxed the real question is are they being poisoned.”

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HORRIBLE NEWS: President Trump Reveals Lynette Hardaway of ‘Diamond and Silk’ Has Died

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By Jim Hoft
Published January 9, 2023 at 8:32 pm 1715 Comments

Lynnette Hardaway, aka Diamond (left), with her sister Herneitha Rochelle Hardaway Richardson, aka Silk (right)

Ineitha Lynette Hardaway “Diamond” (left) passed away at her home on Monday evening. She was 51.

President Trump released a statement on Truth Social tonight on this sad news.

“Really bad news for Republicans and frankly, ALL Americans. Our beautiful Diamond, of Diamond and Silk, has just passed away at her home in the State she loved so much, North Carolina,” President Trump wrote.

“Silk was with her all the way, and at her passing. There was no better TEAM anywhere, or at any time! Diamond’s death was totally unexpected, probably her big and precious HEART just plain gave out. Rest In Peace our Magnificent Diamond, you will be greatly missed!” he continued.

The Diamond and Silk Twitter account published this statement moments ago.

“The World just lost a True Angel and Warrior Patriot for Freedom, Love, and Humanity! Please respect the privacy of Diamond’s family! Memorial Ceremony TBA.”

The cause of death has not yet been released.

A GiveSendGo fundraising campaign was created for “Diamond,” click here.

Ineitha Lynnette Hardaway and Herneitha Rochelle Hardaway Richardson, known as Diamond and Silk, are American live-stream video bloggers, political activists, and Newsmax and FrankSpeech.com hosts.

Lynnette was born in 1972 in North Carolina.

The Gateway Pundit sends our heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family.

Diamond and Silk with President Donald Trump

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President Trump Receives Standing Ovation at Diamond’s Memorial Service to Chants of “USA, USA, USA”

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By Joe Hoft
Published January 22, 2023 at 8:15 am 493 Comments

Herneitha Rochelle Hardaway Richardson (Silk) from Diamond and Silk gave an emotional dedication on Saturday at the memorial for her sister Ineitha Lynnette Hardaway (Diamond) in Fayetteville, North Carolina.  She then was followed by President Trump. 

It was an emotional service with many family, friends and politicians celebrating the life of Diamond from Diamond and Silk.

It was a beautiful tribute.

President Trump joined the stage after Silk shared how the President told her not to worry about the costs and that he would cover the expenses.

At this point the crowd started cheering “USA, USA, USA”

Below is President Trump’s moving dedication.

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“She Loved OUR President…He’s the Best President We Ever Had” – Diamond and Silk’s Brother Gives Tribute to Diamond and Recognizes President Donald J. Trump

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By Joe Hoft
Published January 22, 2023 at 9:00 am 196 Comments

Herneitha Rochelle Hardaway Richardson (Silk) from Diamond and Silk and her family and friends gave emotional dedications on Saturday at the memorial for Ineitha Lynnette Hardaway (Diamond) in Fayetteville, North Carolina.  

Pastor Mark Burns gives the opening prayer and said:


Diamond and Silk’s brother gave an emotional message at the service for Diamond.


Diamond and Silk’s brother shared:

… She loved OUR President.  I don’t think you all heard me, I’m going to say that again.  She loved OUR President.

Now he might not know this (looking at President Trump), but President, I love you too.

Well sometimes you gotta let people know, you gotta give people their flowers, right?

We sit up and and we like, let that person know you love them.  (turning to President Trump)

I love you.  I love you President…I’ve been on this earth for a while and he’s the best President we ever had…

We all like the same things and that’s President Trump.

See video below:

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Corrupt Mainstream Media Colludes to Censor Reporting of Diamond’s Memorial Service – Blackout of President Trump Continues

Original article. Even in death MSM will parade their evil. Our country should shame them out of business!!!
By Joe Hoft
Published January 22, 2023 at 8:40 am 279 Comments

The corrupt and dishonest mainstream media made a pact in 2015 to ignore and not report on anything good concerning candidate and President Trump. 

Negative news about the President, like made-up lies from the Deep State accusing President Trump of doing something wrong with documents after leaving the White House, is fair game. 

We’ve never had the media join arms together in US history in an effort to destroy a President like the actions they took with President Trump.

President Nixon was pushed out by the Deep State with help from the media, but the level of lies and hate from the media of President Trump is at an unprecedented level.

The corrupt legacy media moguls joined hands with Big Tech in censoring the President.

These media giants, run by a small group of individuals, worked together to slander the President with lies about Russia collusion or wrongdoing in Ukraine, which is almost laughable knowing all we know about the corrupt Biden family at this point.

These evil and corrupt individuals and entities just don’t understand the power of the TRUTH. 

Yesterday was another example of the corrupt media’s actions and response to President Trump.

They truly believe that they can ignore this great man like children with their eyes closed and fingers in their ears and he’ll be gone.

They don’t know that the more they slander him and ignore the good things he does, the more distant they make themselves from the American people.

Yesterday’s memorial service for beautiful Ineitha Lynnette Hardaway (Diamond) in Fayetteville, North Carolina, held by her beautiful sister Herneitha Rochelle Hardaway Richardson (Silk) from Diamond and Silk was another example of far-left bias. 

It was a touching and moving ceremony.  The proud father, brothers, sisters, children, and grandchildren were there with friends and family to recognize the good work that Diamond did during her life.  Diamond was a giver.

Diamond and Silk’s father shared his family’s story.  He was a man who was so proud of his successful family.

And there was President Trump on stage with the family.  They shared how much they loved him.

At the end of her talk, Silk shared that the President offered to pay for the entire ceremony when she talked to him after hearing of her sister’s death.

Diamond and Silk’s brother shared how he and everyone there love President Trump.

The ceremony was beautiful.  It was from the heart and it was real.

But the corrupt and dishonest MSM wasn’t there. 

They cannot share the truth about President Trump and America.  We are proud and good people.  This ceremony didn’t agree with their corrupt narrative.

Not one single mainstream media outlet was there.

OAN shared the event and so did Right Side Broadcasting.

The old legacy media was nowhere to be found.  Their biggest lies have been what they don’t report.  They never reported on President Trump’s numerous actions that made America a more prosperous and stronger nation.

They had no problem reporting on the lies about Russia collusion that originated with Hillary and the Deep State.

They ignored President Trump’s massive win in 2020 and never showed the truth about the stolen election as they silenced us all.

The mainstream media is evil.  They promote dishonesty.  They weren’t in Fayetteville, North Carolina yesterday.  It was too good. 

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