Dean Michele Bachmann Talks About the Ominous Rise of Global Government

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By Joe Hoft
Published April 2, 2022 at 7:30 am  118 Comments


Former Minnesota GOP Representative Michele Bachmann was on with Steve Bannon on Friday morning at the War Room.  The former Minnesota Representative and current Dean of the Robertson School of Government at Regent University discussed the recent rising threat of globalism. 

Michele Bachmann discussed with Steve what was said at the world government forum in Dubai versus what was shared by her experts at the Regent University Globalism Rising Conference.  She shared:

We explained what they were talking about the next day at the World Government Summit.  Again, look at the title – World Government Summit.  And Ms. [Pipi] Malmgren said it.  She said the basis of a world global system has to be financial, so they’re blowing up our current system of money and accounting because she said almost a perfect record is going to be maintained digitally.  Which means every flipping transaction you make, the central government knows about it.

They also said this is programable money.  What does this mean?  That means government .. makes the decision where we can spend the money or where we can’t.

Both Michele and Steve Bannon know this is not in the future.  The globalists are the uniparty.  The Bible predicted this.

Here is Michele’s full interview with Steve Bannon:

Michele discussed Tuesday’s event at Regent University.  This event Michele put together to discuss the threats of the New World order on individual rights and its impact on Americas’ civil liberties.

The Gateway Pundit’s Jim and Joe Hoft spoke at the “Globalism Rising Authoritarianism and the Demise of Civil Liberties” conference at Regent University in Virginia Beach on Tuesday.

Jim and Joe opened the conference with a timeline of “The Rise of Authoritarianism from 2020-2022” in the US and around the world from the start of the COVID pandemic to today.

This can be seen again at the above link to the conference.

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