Migrants En Route to United States Border Use Giant Cross as Battering Ram to Break Through National Guard Lines (VIDEO)

Original article.  The current administration’s worldwide human trafficking operation to facilitate the massive invasion of our country is an essential part of destroying our country in support of the Global agenda  (See Post 1 & Post 2.)  Pause here and try to list anything this administration has done which has been of benefit to our country.  My list is empty.  How about yours?  Given that fact, we must insist that our states stand against this invasion and secure our southern border before our country is completely lost to the WEF.
By Cristina Laila
Published April 1, 2022 at 9:28 pm  459 Comments


Joe Biden on Wednesday announced he is planning on dropping a Trump-era order blocking asylum seekers at the US border on May 23.

Title 42 was used by President Trump in 2020 to expel migrants seeking asylum during the Covid pandemic.

Migrants camped out in Tapachula, Mexico (Guatemala border) answered Biden’s invitation to the US border.

Hundreds of migrants in Tapachula left the refugee camp on Friday morning and began marching to the US border.

The migrants clashed with law enforcement and used a giant wooden cross as a battering ram to break through the Guard lines, AP reported.

Some 500 migrants from Central America, Venezuela and elsewhere fought with Mexican police, National Guard and immigration officers in southern Mexico Friday in one of the first such marches this year.

The migrants described the march as a traditional annual protest related to Holy Week, and those at the front carried a white cross, as others have done in previous years.

However, this year the protest came two weeks early and some participants said they would go far beyond the usual short march and try to reach the U.S. border.

In a clash with National Guard officers and immigration agents, the migrants used the cross they were carrying as a battering ram to break through the Guard lines, shattering the wooden cross.

According to AP, many of the migrants were detained and some took a detour in a nearby church however, a few managed to run away and continue on their way to the US border.


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