Delaware Grand Jury Closing In On ‘Big Guy’ Biden’s ‘Influence Peddling & Racketeering Scheme’ [VIDEO]

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Delaware Grand Jury asking questions about the Big Guy

Now that the Hunter Biden laptop has been authenticated, the contents of the hard drive are being combed through, giving unfiltered access to not only the wild and crazy life of Hunter, but also how the Biden family made millions by using the World Food Program, a charity designed to fight world hunger. Instead of trying to feed people, as a Chairman for the charity, Hunter used his position to further his family’s relations with the Chinese and Russians. Speaking with Steve Bannon about the ongoing developments and the grand jury, John Solomon detailed the most recent events and what it means for Joe Biden and his future in the White House. 

In the video, which is featured below, Solomon admitted, “The grand jury is very active right now. Lots of witnesses, lots of document gathering, and a lot of questions. Who’s the big guy? How often were you with the Biden machine hitting up foreign interests and were those foreign interests interested in the Vice President and getting to meet people in Washington?” He added, “I don’t know where that’ll end up. But it’s a very active grand jury. It is as active right now in the Hunter Biden grand jury as it was last August and September in the Durham Grand Jury before those two big indictments came down on Michael Sussman. But that is the focal point. Was this an influence peddling scheme?”


Also explaining how Hunter used the World Food Program, Solomon stated, “You think that maybe the Biden family would have some sense of rules and dignity, which if you’re raising money for global hunger, something that everybody in the world would like to solve, maybe you don’t mix your private business interests. But you would be wrong.”

The former Fox News contributor noted how easy it was for Hunter to use his position to enrich his family. “So we donate to it, the American taxpayer donates to him. And he’s using it to bring in these foreigners like the Chinese, like the Ukrainians in Russia, and then he’s flipping the conversation from ‘Oh, hey, about that donation. What about doing business with me at Burnham.’ A very, very calculating effort to use good charity to create basically money for himself. Instead of solving global hunger, he was trying to fulfill his own hunger for foreign cash to enrich his family. It’s really clear when you put all these emails together.”

While President Biden continues to deny any knowledge of Hunter’s business dealings, New York Post reporter Miranda Devine said, “He met one of his business partners in Beijing when he flew Hunter into China on Air Force Two with him when he was going to have some high-level meetings with President Xi Jinping and the CCP. So it just does not pass the sniff test. It’s kind of absurd that the White House is still trying to run that line that Joe Biden knew nothing about his son Hunter’s overseas business dealings.”

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