Exclusive: Here Is the Statement from John Paul Mac Isaac on Recent Hunter Biden Laptop Reports that Was Rejected by a Media Distribution System from Being Sent Out

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By Jacob Engels
Published April 11, 2022 at 6:32 pm  266 Comments


John Paul Mac Issac, the owner of the computer repair shop where Hunter Biden abandoned his now infamous laptop, is addressing the news reports about an additional 450GB of information existing relating to Hunter Biden. 

The mainstream media and Democrats have spent years claiming that the contents of the hard drive from Hunter Biden’s laptop were “lies and Russian disinformation.” Now, they are magically verifying the contents and legitimacy of both the laptop and it’s contents. Bill Maher recently unpacked the recent about face, saying that the Democrats and media squashed it because it “didn’t fit their narrative.”

“The Left Wing Media Buried the Story Because It Wasn’t Part of Their Narrative – That’s Why People Don’t Trust the Mainstream Media” – Bill Maher on Hunter Biden Scandal (VIDEO)

Americans are now learning of the potential existence of an additional 450GB hard drive tied to President Biden’s son, which is cause for concern for John Paul Mac Issac, who turned over the initial hard drive to the authorities

Recent news reports have claimed that 450GB of uninvestigated or released materials relating to Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell” have been obtained and will soon be released online. However, John Paul Mac Issac, the man who had the original 256GB hard drive from Biden’s abandoned laptop, is calling for extreme caution and full vetting of this new material.  

We previously reported last week about Mac Issac’s concerns that he shared during an interview. He is now expanding his thoughts on the alleged new hard drive, speaking exclusively to The Gateway Pundit.

“In 2019, Hunter Biden brought 3 damaged laptops into “The Mac Shop”, the repair shop I owned in Delaware, to recover data. Hunter left with 2 of the laptops and the 3rd laptop remained while I attempted to salvage data off of his non-removable SSD. 

In order to recover data from the laptop, I had to move files and folders by hand as the laptop would only stay on intermittently. Each time the laptop would shut down, I would reopen it and be forced to view the file contents to verify the recovery; contents I found deeply disturbing. 

When Hunter Biden did not return to pick up the third laptop, I attempted to hand it over to the authorities. Eventually, the FBI collected the laptop but seemingly failed to act on its contents. Eventually, I was able to contact Rudy Giuliani’s office and mailed them a copy.

Recent news reports suggest that 450GB of new data has been unearthed from the original hard drive. I can say definitively that this data did not come from the laptop I had in my possession. It would be technologically impossible for 450 gigs of data to come from the original laptop’s 256 gig hard drive. 

I cannot comment on the authenticity of the newly released data. There are numerous laptops out there and an iCloud Drive that likely holds information for which I am not privy. It is possible that the newly released files were obtained from one of those other sources,” explained Mac Issac.  

Mac Issac is reasonably worried that the FBI will again refuse to investigate evidence related to Hunter and the Biden Crime Family’s decades long history of corruption, both internationally and domestically. He is now demanding a thorough “independent and closely supervised” investigation into the new data. Without a review by law enforcement, with special protections to make sure the process is not politically influenced, Mac Issac is worried that the media will again ignore the corruption or use new unverified information as a way to discredit the evidence he exposed in 2019 that is now accepted as legitimate.

“With the media finally acknowledging the authenticity of the laptop and contents of the drive, I am fearful that the newly discovered information has not been properly authenticated to confirm its validity – as the hard drive in my possession has. Proper vetting and investigation of this data is necessary, as not give those who would like to discredit and debunk the Hunter Biden laptop a way to claim the information is manufactured, faked, or altered. 

For the sake of preserving the integrity of our country and presenting the truth to the American people, I hope any newly released information is fully authenticated.  The only entity capable of corroborating the data is the FBI as they have been in possession of the original laptop since December 9th 2019,” concluded Mac Issac.

While Mr. Mac Issac is completely correct about the FBI needing to investigate all matters related to the “laptop from hell” and it’s alleged counterpart, we won’t hold our breath.

A press release featuring Mac Issac’s above statements through a distribution system was recently rejected and forbidden from being sent, which tell us that tech oligarchs are still working the coverup for Team Biden.

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