Mike Cernovich on The War Room: Republican Voters Want ‘Human Rights Tribunals’ Against the Criminal Regime Who Is Killing the Nation and It’s People — NOT Kevin McCarthy (VIDEO)

Original article.  Now this is getting REAL!  This is the only way to stop Demos from doing this over and over going forward.  It should now be very clear to everyone what they do when their lust for power and control is fed.
By Jim Hoft
Published April 12, 2022 at 7:16 pm  462 Comments

Author, filmmaker, and thinker Mike Cernovich joined The War Room on Tuesday to break down the current political climate in the country outside of Washington DC.

Cernovich argues Republicans need to give voters some reason to come out and support them in the fall. The usual BS on tax cuts and cutting a few million from the $4 trillion budget is not going to do it.  Conservatives are sick of weak leadership like Kevin McCarthy and want real representation.

Democrats send killers to DC to destroy the country and jail and destroy the opposition.  Republicans think the answer is a weak surrender monkey.

Cernovich says Republican lawmakers need to run on the promise of “human rights tribunals” if they win based on all of the facts collected on government corruption, torture and lies. Don’t call them hearings – Call them tribunals.

Mike Cernovich:  You can beat the wrap but you can’t beat the ride.  There’s a lot of stress.  There’s a lot of destruction of family relationships.  A lot of lost finances.  It essentially upends your life forever.  And that’s again what the Department of Justice is doing to people.  So I would really like to hear Kevin McCarthy explain why there’s not going to be human rights tribunals.  I would like for somebody to ask him.  What do you mean you don’t want to impeach Biden for “political reasons.”  What are you talking about?  Who are you?  What world do you live in?  You and Frank Luntz, is that some kind of poll you and Frank Luntz commissioned on 14th Street in DC that Shelly’s Cigar Lounge told you?  That lobbyists told you?  I just wonder where people come up with this kind of stuff that you’re not going to have a human rights tribunal?  Are you kidding me?  Who are you?

The left is destroying our country. The weakened opposition party needs some leaders with guts. The American people need a return of law and order. Human rights tribunals would be a good start. The genocide victims deserve justice.


Watch this entire segment, Mike Cernovich is always interesting.

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