Far-Left Protesters Flood Florida State Capitol, Throw Objects at Lawmakers as Legislature Votes to Ban Abortion After 6 Weeks (VIDEO)

Original article. Demos behaving like children because of restrictions in killing their children. Ironic isn’t it! Does anyone else think these idiots should be sterilized? Problem solved. They are not mature enough to have children anyway.

By Cristina Laila, Apr. 13, 2023 6:14 pm, 0 Comments

Occupy Tallahassee protesters flooded the Florida State Capitol on Thursday as lawmakers voted to ban abortion after 6 weeks.

The far-left protesters threw paper and stickers at lawmakers before the legislature voted on the new abortion legislation.

Florida Governor DeSantis is expected to sign the new abortion bill into law.

The protesters also entered the House gallery and interrupted an official proceeding.

Isn’t this an insurrection?


Far-left protesters threw garbage at the lawmakers as they voted on amendments.


The Sargent at Arms cleared the protesters out of the House gallery.

** End **