MAJOR NEWS: The Gateway Pundit Wins Historic First Amendment Lawsuit, Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Agrees to Settlement

Original article. Each exposure of Maricorruption County corruption is a WIN.

By Jim Hoft, Apr. 13, 2023 8:40 am, 481 Comments

The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors approved a historic settlement with The Gateway Pundit on Wednesday.  Maricopa County officials signed off on a major First Amendment lawsuit and settlement with TGP Communications, LLC, the parent company of The Gateway Pundit news website.

Yvonne Wingett Sanchez from the Washington Post broke the news publicly on Tuesday afternoon.

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The Board of Supervisors met Wednesday and approved the settlement.

Facts Behind This Historic Case:

Maricopa County officials sought to prevent TGP reporter Jordan Conradson from attending briefings following the 2020 midterm elections.  Jordan is widely regarded as the most fearless and honest reporter in the state of Arizona.  Maricopa County claimed The Gateway Pundit’s coverage was not reputable after TGP and Conradson had forced a county official from office through our previous exclusive reporting.

County officials were terrified of Jordan and TGP and attempted to block our outlet from public press gatherings.

The Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit Court overturned the initial ruling by Obama-appointed Judge John Tuchi.

The Court of Appeals concluded the county’s refusal to grant a press pass to TGP and Conradson was based on viewpoints expressed in his writings, and said it violated the First Amendment.

How Big Is This Win?

This is a major win for The Gateway Pundit and independent media in America today.  It sets precedent for independent journalists of merit to gain access to government press briefings.  We cannot adequately express the importance of this decision.

It should be noted that despite the consistent attacks on our website, The Gateway Pundit has on average 2.7 million daily page visits a day with nearly 2 million unique visitors.  Our audience size is exponentially larger than the local outlets attending the Maricopa press briefings.

We Continue Our Fight for Freedom and Liberty.

As the American left chips away at our God-given freedoms – The Gateway Pundit stands with the American people demanding justice.

Congratulations to The Gateway Pundit team.

And a special congratulations to: Jordan Conradson, Joe Hoft, John Burns and Mark Randazza for this historic win and their work on this case.

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