Former AZ Gov. Janet Napolitano’s “Arizona Mafia” and Doug Ducey: Executive Summary

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This document describes former Arizona Gov. / Obama-DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano’s
“Arizona Mafia” political group, and the “Arizona Mafia’s” influence over Arizona Governor
Doug Ducey. Napolitano’s “Arizona Mafia” is called “the invisible hand that controls
Arizona politics.” and “the strong-arm of the United States Democratic Party.” They are
closely connected to Nancy Pelosi and other top Democrats.

Named the “Arizona Mafia” in an article that ran July 19, 2013 in the Arizona Capitol
times, an official newspaper of record in Phoenix Arizona. The “Arizona Mafia” is a group of
about 20 political operatives loyal to former Arizona Governor/Obama DHS Secretary Janet
The “Arizona Mafia” started out as somewhat of a “joke name” when it was first used to
describe Napolitano’s group in D.C. under Obama (2008-2009). However, over the years the
name has become more appropriate.
The summary herein, complied from publicly available information, describes Napolitano’s
“Arizona Mafia”, their strong connections to the ultra-corrupt Mexico-PRI political party,
and the “Arizona Mafia’s” influence over Arizona Governor Doug Ducey.
Doug Ducey hopes to cash in for millions of $$, after he is done being Governor of Arizona,
through his involvement in the new “SkyBridge Arizona” “international port” currently
being developed at Mesa Gateway Airport in Arizona.
Ducey has not disclosed to the people of Arizona that “SkyBridge Arizona”, which
he has endorsed, is financed by figures associated with the highly corrupt Mexico-
PRI political party and their frontman in Arizona, Democrat Marco A. Lopez Jr., who
serves as Senior Advisor to Mexico’s Carlos Slim, and who is a close business partner of
Cindy McCain.