Former FBI Special Agent Left Homeless After Blowing the Whistle on FBI and DOJ – Gives Powerful Testimony on Abuses of Power and Weaponization [VIDEO, multipart post]

Original article. It is almost impossible to keep up with the FBI’s lawless, abusive, corrupt attacks on US citizens. How could this big of a mess be cleaned up??? It must be dissolved and rebuilt!! The more we learn, the worse it gets. See “FIVE REVELATIONS IN FIVE DAYS Expose Chris Wray’s FBI as Criminal Enterprise Devoid of Morals and Legitimacy

By Patty McMurray, May. 18, 2023 3:00 pm, 1262 Comments

On Thursday, three former FBI officials testified during a public whistleblower hearing by the House Select Committee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government.

FBI Special Agent Garret O’Boyle revealed in a shocking testimony that he and his family had their belongings confiscated by the FBI and were subsequently left homeless after he was suspended from the bureau for speaking out against them.

Garret O’Boyle, former FBI special agent

100 Percent Fed Up reports – The three FBI whistleblowers – FBI special agent Garret O’Boyle, former FBI special agent Steve Friend, and FBI staff operations specialist Marcus Allen – have all been suspended from the bureau for expressing concerns about alleged abuses of power.

These agents shared their concerns over the handling of January 6 cases, specifically that they were instructed to pursue “domestic violent extremism,” disregard standard investigative procedures, and pursue Jan. 6 investigations over child sex crimes which were deemed “no longer a priority.”

The whistleblowers also accused the FBI of inflating statistics on “domestic violent extremism” to align with the Biden regime’s political narrative. They did this by targeting pro-life groups, Catholics, and parents attending school board meetings to make it seem like they posed a domestic terrorist threat.

FBI Special Agent O’Boyle gave powerful testimony before the committee Thursday morning on the “weaponization of the FBI and DOJ,” stating that the organizations were weaponized against “not only [their] own employees, but against those institutions and individuals that are supposed to protect the American people.”

O’Boyle also revealed the hardships that he and his family have gone through after the FBI retaliated against him for vocalizing concerns over their apparent abuses of power.

“I am here today because, even though I am wrongfully suspended from the FBI, I am dutifully bound to the American people to play my small role in rectifying these issues,” said O’Boyle. “After all, I never swore an oath to the FBI. I swore an oath to the Constitution.”

“I’ve served my nation and my community my entire adult life. First in the United States Army, then as a police officer, and lastly as an FBI special agent,” said O’Boyle, who then went on to list his impressive accomplishments throughout his time in the army, in law enforcement, and in the FBI.

“I have been smeared as a malcontent and subpar FBI employee,” O’Boyle said. “This smear stands in stark contrast to my life of public service. The smear campaign, disgusting as it is, is unsurprising.”

“Despite our oath to uphold the Constitution, too many in the FBI aren’t willing to sacrifice for the hard right over the way wrong,” he continued. “We see what becomes of whistleblowers. How the FBI destroys their careers, suspends them under false pretenses… This is by design. It creates an Orwellian atmosphere that silences opposition and discussion.”

O’Boyle explains that he “couldn’t knowingly continue on this path silently without speaking out against the weaponization I witnessed, even if it meant losing my job, my career, my livelihood, my family’s home, and now, my anonymity.”

O’Boyle called upon the members of the Committee to “ensure that the weaponization of our government against the people comes to an end, no matter the personal cost.”

The former agent then told the shocking, heartbreaking story of how the FBI transferred him and his family across the country for a new assignment. After selling their home, O’Boyle, his wife, and four daughter – the youngest of whom was just two weeks old. On his first day, he was suspended and confiscated all his and his family’s possessions, leaving them homeless.


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Conservative Wyoming Rep. Harriet Hageman Goes Off on ‘Corrupt’ FBI and DOJ at Whistleblower Hearing: ‘I Will Name Names’ (VIDEO)

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By Mike LaChance, May. 18, 2023 9:20 pm, 939 Comments

Harriet Hageman, the conservative Republican who replaced Liz Cheney to represent Wyoming in Congress, went off on the ‘corrupt’ FBI and DOJ during the whistleblower hearing on Thursday.

She said that she would name names, and she did, immediately naming Christopher Wray of the FBI and Merrick Garland of the DOJ, and accusing them of corruption.

This woman is such an immense improvement over Liz Cheney.

Townhall has details:

‘I Will Name Names’: Congresswoman Calls Out ‘Corrupt’ Christopher Wray, Merrick Garland

In an at-times chaotic House Judiciary Committee hearing on the weaponization of the federal government, U.S. Rep. Harriet Hageman (R-WY) was not afraid to “name names” when it comes to the corrupt leaders within the administration of President Joe Biden.

“To be blunt, the leadership of the FBI and DOJ are corrupt,” Hageman said. “I will name names: Christopher Wray and Merrick Garland are corrupt. They know it, we know it, and the American people know it,” she added.

Citing “fundamental changes” made to the culture of the FBI and DOJ, Hageman explained how those changes have “led to the political capture of our flagship law enforcement agencies” and allowed Democrats to use them as their “personal political hacks.”

“As the DOJ and FBI have become more political, they have amassed more power,” Hageman continued. “And as they have amassed more power they have become more political.” That “vicious cycle,” she argued, “must be stopped.”…

Presciently, Hageman warned the whistleblowers that Democrats would “not focus on the substance” of their testimony or “engage in a discussion about how to protect our constitutional rights and institutions from the tyrants who are running these agencies.”

In the video, which you can watch below, Hageman does an outstanding job of explaining how we have come to this point, and what must be done going forward:

Congratulations to the people of Wyoming for electing Hageman. She is doing an outstanding job of representing her state and the interests of conservative Americans.

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Kevin McCarthy Speaks Out After Lawless FBI Caught Improperly Used Warrantless Search Powers MORE THAN 278,000 Times in 2021 Following J6 Protests

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By Jim Hoft, May. 19, 2023 6:26 pm, 75 Comments

The Stasi-FBI improperly used warrantless search powers more than 278,000 times in 2021 following the January 6 protests in Washington DC according to an unsealed FISC filing.

The FBI searches included Trump supporters who attended protests in Washington DC on January 6, 2021.

The report also says the FBI searched George Floyd protesters during the Summer of Love but we all know this was a minimal effort by the intel community.

The FBI under Chris Wray has targeted Trump supporters, parents at school board meetings, and practicing Catholics.

Kevin McCarthy spoke out about this today during an interview with Dagen and Duffy on FOX Business Network.

FOX News reported:

The FBI improperly used warrantless search powers against U.S. citizens more than 278,000 times in the year ending November 2021, according to an unsealed Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) filing.

U.S. citizens covered in that improper effort included people involved in the Capitol riot on Jan. 6, 2021; George Floyd protesters during the summer of 2020; and donors to a failed congressional candidate, the filing said.

Section 702 of Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) allows the government to conduct targeted surveillance of non-U.S. persons located abroad to acquire foreign intelligence information. When U.S. citizens are flagged as part of these investigations, the FBI takes over the process of querying them for possible security reasons.

The court filing, which spanned 127 pages, was unsealed Friday by the FISC, but was filed in April 2022.

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Dan Goldman Grills FBI Whistleblower, Then Jim Jordan Jumps In | Weaponization Committee Hearing

Original video. Can it get more evil than this? I am afraid to ask.

Forbes Breaking News, 1.81M subscribers

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FIVE REVELATIONS IN FIVE DAYS Expose Chris Wray’s FBI as Criminal Enterprise Devoid of Morals and Legitimacy

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By Jim Hoft, May. 20, 2023 8:00 am, 0 Comments

Sometimes God works in mysterious ways.  Exposing the FBI as an utterly corrupt organization was one of them.

There was a  time in the not-so-distant past when a vast majority of Americans trusted the FBI, valued its work, and believed in its mission and purpose.  A majority of Americans were proud of the FBI.

Then Trump came into office and the FBI was exposed by independent journalists as a crooked, immoral organization.

Whatever credibility the FBI had left was tossed out the window this week.

On Monday – The Durham Report was released – the FBI, Obama, Hillary, and Deep State knew the Trump-Russia collusion was a lie in August 2016.

Special Counsel John Durham released his final report concluding the FBI had no verified intel when it opened the Crossfire Hurricane investigation into Trump in 2016.  Worse yet, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, then CIA Director John Brennan, and others knew that Hillary was behind the Trump-Russia lies since August of 2016!

The FBI and DOJ then opened a Special Counsel investigation of President Trump for three years KNOWING it was all a lie from the beginning.  Top FBI officials including Jim Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were all in on the lies.  They wanted to get Trump.  The 2016 election was rigged against Trump.  Then the FBI and Deep State rigged his first three years.  They stole the 2018 elections with their Russia lies.

The Durham Report revealed their roles in pushing the Greatest Hoax ever on the American public in an attempt to rid themselves of President Trump. They hold absolutely no remorse for their actions.

On Wednesday the FBI revoked the security clearances of the FBI whistleblowers before they testified to Congress on the criminal conduct at the FBI.  The 51 intel community signatories who signed the bogus Hunter Biden laptop letter still hold their security clearances.

The FBI has had possession of the Hunter Biden laptops since December 2019.  They have never opened the computer to see the hundreds of crimes documented inside by the president’s son Hunter.

On Thursday we learned the FBI retaliated against the brave whistleblowers who exposed their corruption and political targeting of conservatives including their spying on Catholics, parents at school board meetings, and the FBI ties to January 6.  The whistleblowers included FBI agents Marcus Allen, Brett Gloss, Steve Friend, and Garrett O’Boyle.

And an FBI whistleblower revealed the FBI had operatives on the ground on January 6 – something Gateway Pundit readers are well aware of.

On Friday The Gateway Pundit reported on how the FBI dropped FOUR DIFFERENT INVESTIGATIONS on Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election.  They wanted her to win so they dropped their investigations on Crooked Hillary.

Also on Friday we learned that the FBI improperly used warrantless search powers more than 278,000 times in 2021 following the January 6 protests in Washington DC according to an unsealed FISC filing. The FBI searches included Trump supporters who attended protests in Washington DC on January 6, 2021.

It should be clear by now that the FBI is a corrupt organization that is set on destroying lives and abusing power.  It’s no surprise that Democrats and the fake news support them.

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