Here are the big numbers from AZ Audit! 284K Vote!!

Cyber Ninjas Could Not Confirm the Accuracy of 284K Votes

Buried in Volume III ( of the audit report, Cyber Ninjas notes that 263,139 ballot images were corrupted and another 21,273 were missing from the forensics images of the election equipment, which prevented the team from confirming the accuracy of the vote totals:

“It was impossible to confirm that the electronically recorded votes corresponded to the corrupted TIFF images. …It is possible that manipulation of the electronic vote totals occurred in the instances where the TIFF images are corrupted [or missing].”

The tabulators processed 1.3M votes from 10/20 – 11/1 without a single corrupt image.

Nearly 300K suspiciously corrupted/missing ballot images, evidence that the EMS was connected to the internet, and the deletion of the GE results database and thousands of security log files ( the day before the audit began make a compelling case for the cover-up of electronic vote manipulation.