How to remove yourself from PEVL.

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As all of you know, we need to get rid of mail-in ballots in order to help secure our elections, but many of the legislators that I speak with are not interested in hearing that fact.  They say that voters will become “disenfranchised” and they will “stop voting” if the mail-in program is dismantled.  At the same time, many of the voters that I speak with say they will not vote in the next election unless something is done to secure our votes.  There is an obvious disconnect between the two parties.

Since many of our legislators refuse to listen, it is up to us to take action.  When we are out talking to people about the results of the audit and everything we have seen during the canvass, we need to explain the importance of having everyone voluntarily remove their name from the Permanent Early Voting List (PEVL).  Attached is a sheet with instructions for Maricopa County that you can print (printing instructions below).  If you live in another area, please send me the instructions for your county, and I can edit it for you.

If you have a conversation with someone that says they are not going to vote unless the election process is fixed, please get a video of it and send it to me.  A friend of mine is trying to put a compilation video together that we can send to our legislators that will show how disenfranchised the voters already are and the real reasons that people will decide to stop voting.

Click here to download Removing Yourself From PEVL Maricopa

Printing instructions:

If your printer can print two sided copies, set it to “Portrait” & “Flip Long Edge”.

If you only want a single sided handout, print page 1 “Portrait”.

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